Dear Editor (continued): Report on Washington; Lament of a Condemned Infinite!

(ED. NOTE -— After this month's issus was made up and typed, we received the following report oa the 'big show' in Washington. We had to "kill" a page of letters to get it in. bat ve hope the writers won't mind the substitution.)

"...Now. to the theoretical side of the Congress. There are, apparently , no thunderous new developments. la is still finding oat 'hew far south' he has to go—still trying te crack the rough cases, that Is. The main derelopaent is the reapplicatioa of the tone scale aerods the knev-to-qrstery scale, or ▼ice versa.
"Before I get .into it. 1 should say that about 1/3 of the people at the Congress stood up as having bean thoroughly exteriorised or having had a r.C. exteriorized beyond doubt. Boa used this to prove the existence of exteriorization.
"Now, the new chart. The six basic processes axe still the same!
1. Two-way communication.
2. Significances.
3. S.O.P. 8-C.
4. .Opening Procedure by Duplication (Dirty 30).
5. Remedy of Havingness.
b. Spotting spots-

"Ron says that lo. 6 'almost is the sane as Boats 1*, which is logical enough—you don't have to get too much reality on spotting a spot before you can be there, and 'being there' is the basis of Bouts 1.
"So, you try the basic processes and if the P.Cf. doesn't exteriorise, you haul out your chart. I call it a handy little guide to extensive conversation. A command, compounded from the directions and the chart, could* be 'Think a thought about hiding a mystery'. This is, of ccnrss, very mechanistic, the way Ban's processes usually are, and could probably be rendered into something more closely approaching conversational ttiglisn. Then you can have the P.C. 'get a problem, get a solution, or get some consequences'.
"The first step, though, is to spot him on the chart. Bon now says that he is 'most likely to be below 0.0'. Start, Change, and Stop correspond to 'antrolling bodies' on the old -0 tone scale. Besponsible is 'Responsibility as Blame;' 'Own* is about bodies, also 'Protect', and 'Hiding' is still hiding. The key to spotting a—and it makes sense to me—is to take the level belcw the level that he is confused about. Tor instance, you can sisk him to tell you the consequences of being apathetic shout sex and he may not he able to grasp what you are talking about. But when you get to his level, he'll be able to tell you about it.
"O.K., now that you have him spotted, you ask him to 'think a thought', etc. As he thinks these thoughts, or gets the consequences, presumably his thinking will straighten cut on each ana—he will get a 'cognition' as Bon calls it— a mar Scientologese word.
"To me, the chart is in essence a guide to how to get down to low

reality levels. In other words, what do you discuss with neurotics in order to get into ccmsunicationT I think the chart is supposed to tell you, and the 'thoughts, problems , and consequences' are to get the P.C. to re-examine his postal-ates—those he is able to re-examine, which we have already established. If the chart is aceurats— and -8.0 is far enough south, ve should go somewhere. Bom seems to think that as soon as the P.C. realizes that he is being «. body. be will be able to exteriorise. The tone level at which this is supposed to happen is around 0.0, where he realises that tbs body can die , and he can escape, etc. ■ and not have to be compulsively attached to it.
"Now you can go back to the six basic processes. The preclear is presumably in a position to run them.
"There was a lecture, or part of one, on the 'ownership* deal. Seams that you carry around facsimiles and are confused or unknowing about who owns then. Getting the r. C. to
'get the feeling that------owns it'
will blow it as soon as the P-C-realizes to whom he hah assigned ownership. Cognition again.
"Another process is 'meaning-ness'. Like dollars mesas grocer-ies in the ice box, get ME8T objects to say to you. 'I msen---------'
(Make the meanings ridiculous.) Solves significances.
"A benefit of consequences processing is that it is supposed to get the P.C. through the apatty and anger barriers—soot ions the auditor doesn't usually want to face in a pre-clear.
"A twist on the remedy of hay-iimness. Have P.C. wish masses in upon himself, not null. Seems that
fulling gets him involved in energy lows somehow. Makes him effect or something.
"Here is what 1 consider to be an important change in interpretation.
Ob Dirty 30, yea now 'tag along* on detours try the P.C. , but steer him back to she next question, never varying the order of commands. Seams that loo mazy ersummications lines vers being mupped.
"Be over-all tendency in processes seems to be (to me—x only offer this as a persaoal opinion; away from Mtrsms mechanist ics, and toward 'talking with' the P.C. Seams that a P.C.who has no reality on the mechanical techniques only derives limited bsnefit from them, as he doesn't agree to bo processed by thorn. Bon now says that yea should establish an agreement that you are in a session amah time, so as not to waste time processing machines. I can see where the techniques will hatter down machines (ham seen it work) but feel that such an agreement, if honestly and equally (not overbearingly) reached, will make processing more effective.
"This seems to be the era of getting the P.C*to cooperate instead of bulldozing him. Do you remember the injunctions to 'not go into A.B.C. with the P.C.; it will only pull you down to his level'T I think that someone has finally realized that A. E.C. includes communication, and that a P.C. with whom you are not in communication will not gat well very fast.
"The last two paragraphs are pure unsubstantiated personal opinion, backed up only by the facts already presented.
"The over-all theoretical situation, than, isi Try the six basic processes, and if they don't work, go to the chart (make conversation, as it were) , and than back to the basics.
"Some gossip about people! *—mg the group leaders were! lack and Jan Hal pern, S. Stein. Iyle Sudrow, L. Hamilton, Don licbeis.. .San Breed-
ing, Ifari born a
maybe more...Dick Steves was going
to Australia, but there's some ques-

Lament of a Condemned Infinite!

"Be three feet back hind your head;
'Twill make you free," the Teacher said.
"Be on the moon; be in the sun.
Be here. Be there. Don't we have funT"
"Put stars in corners— right and left.
Mock up a room with walls bereft.
Pick up the sound, the feel, the stink.
And while I chatter—DON'T 100 THINKI"
A "Black (that's what they called me) Five"— Too devilish to be alive.
And all because I couldn't be
A mere "spot" in infinity.