Cloud 88

Bored...Knows all and knows
nothing... Must create to
enjoy an effect...The effect
disappears with the experiencing of it...

Next step -- The operating
thetan creates circuits to
keep beingness in operation.
He puts part of himself into the created object so
the object can grant itself
~jr beingness. He puts up
By //VF//V/ — shields to confine beingness to the object so it
HAT the thetan knows Going up-scale still fur- observer, it enjoys the ef_ all yet knows nothing thun, you create faster and facts of observing other
is a familiar dichot- faster more and more com- beingnesses in the process
my, perplexing many stu- plex creations until you of creating cycles of boredents in the field. could duplicate the world dom until it is bored. It
The basic point to keep or a complete universe then takes a nap, and wakes
in mind in dichotomies is moments. It is, or should up seeing new developments.
that the presence of one be, obvious that an opera- Surprise. What happens? To
thing automatically creates ting thetan who can only find out, it either pera possible absence of the conceive, for example, a vades what has been creasame. A "nothing" cannot button would be just a view- ted or unmocks it -- or dupliexist, actually -- only rela- point in space being aware cates the known data until
tively. Therefore, to be_ of a button. That a thetan the manifestations match.
come aware of nothingness,
concepts of many things Ergo: A game is born: Look,
you must begin by getting could create only that which don't look; know, don't
rid of somethingness. And it knows of. know. This stuff continues
to become aware of the ab- From that point on it is until he is bored again, and
sence of something, it is only a matter of throwing then a new variation is orenecessary to at least ore- together random conditions ated. Lots of self is put
ate a thought or mock-up of to increase awareness and into a shielded area with
the object. Any thought, create new combinations or additional shield, plus not
energy, or object automati- conditions from what has looking; or sleeping and
cally brings into existence been created in the past. again awakening to try and
anexact opposite condition. There could not be a full- find out what has happened
Hence, dichotomies are bas- b l o w n awareness of things outside h i s p e r s o n a l
ics, designating two points that did not exist. It shielded area in the larger
with relative shades, de- would have to be created, shielded area. And so is
glees, or levels between the modified, expanded -- and borna world, a universe, or
designated extremes. there you have the creation a galaxy -- all depending on
Working from the level of time: one condition fol- the time, activity, and
lowing another evolving in- space involved. When the
of occlusion, "Know noth- something thetan discovers more prog-m the thro'ugh levels of k owing to But what else. when ross by another part of itmore and more until a point the thetan stops creating, self than it is capable of
is reached where knowing- stops thinking -- just expel._ finding out fast enough to
ness is without time 1 iences what is created? The satisfy itself, then it subYou look, listen, feel, process then reverses it- divides itself into smaller
smell, taste, and sense as self and destruction occurs. duplicates of form, size,
fast as you focus upon that In order for a created ob- and nature so as to learn
which you aim. This, how- ject to persist, it must faster and in more detail.
ever, is not the top. You continuously be fed being- And so here we are and
are still being effect in ness. there you are and there is.'
that you are receiving from The thetan gets bored, the game -- the basic basic
what yon aim at. This is and all disa•o are. He is game, including all other
one level of "know ails. surrounded . nothingness. games, which are but variAbove this, yon become cause So, he has somethingness or ations of the original game.
and what you experience is nothingness, and can toler- To know all is _boring,
what jon have created and ate either condition until and to know nothing is borput there. This is the op- boredom sets in. This is an ing, and it is by creating
erating thetan level. Below operating thetan in the complexities and multiplexit is the "clear" level. pristine state... Alone.., ities of games that the op