Volume 3, Issue 3, page 4

suggest it at this time for fear you could not
stand the shock of a wall-less world where
people are free to go where and when they will,
even through you, if that is the shortest way.
But we'll see. Your formation of "The Infinites" is a step in the right direction, and I
am glad to know you are willing to SAY all
things are possible, even though you still do
not believe and understand your own words.

My infinite best to you, too.
-e0eAccording to "The World Almanac", Tucson
is not the Capitol of Arizona. But neither is
Los Angeles, nor Fort Worth.
-eOeNothing in the affairs of mankind is worth
serious anxiety. -- Plato
Why Struggle to Be Rio
VERYBODY knows we are complicated beings.

Thousands of years have been spent studying the structure and function of man.
We have a conscious mind, a subconscious mind,
a super-conscious mind, an ego, and Id ad
nauseum. All we really have is a darn' fine
person with a very good brain that is built to
give one anything he wants, whether it's good
for him or not (he thinks). At least, it is
good at the moment he wants it.

We wanted a car and saw one on a used car
lot that looked just right. It was several
days before we took the time to stop and dicker for it. It was yellow and trimmed with
white, which didn't matter because it was the
body and make we wanted. When we did stop to
examine it, we discovered it had been wrecked
and under the beauty was a worn-out machine.
So we went to a dealer with a fair choice of
new cars. The dealer said the color choice was
limited. He had only red cars left, but color
didn't matter, so we went ahead to deal. When
the new car was delivered, it was a beautiful
yellow with white trim! We had forgotten to
'turn off" the first picture!
We have a body. It is directed through a
brain -- a simple little device that we divide
into three functioning areas. One we call all
kinds of names, but generally "the conscious
mind". This is the part of the brain that we
use to plan things and analyze situations. It
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