Creative Image Therapy: First the Image - Then the Event (continued)

so thoughtlessly take for granted seem to be our nearest possible mode, at this time, of contacting the image-energy-power of the master intelligence-force of Creation.

This gives us a hint concerning the probable eventual power of Creative Image Therapy. On this planet, only we human beings, apparently, are privileged to observe and to become CONSCIOUSLY AWARE OF THE POWER OF IMAGE-ENERGY IN ACTION. Only we are fully privileged to use this power in the area of conscious awareness. And how we do use this power-, consciously, SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN LEFT UP TO US!

This brings us to the second major principle of Creative Image Therapy—that the. power of image systems is in itself non-selective—it operates equally well and with equal force in ANY direction. It can be directed either CONSTRUCTIVELY or DESTRUCTIVELY.

When dynamic men create mental image systems and direct these toward the external environment at cross-purposes, savage and terrible wars ensue. And when any human being creates negative and destructive image patterns embodied in "fears" concerning himself and his survival, ravaging diseases ensue.

We come now to a third term that must be dealt with and defined—FEAR.

Examine any possible fear.

Fear of death—The only way one can experience a fear of death is by creating image systems wherein one sees one's body in various stages and forms of lifelessness. Creative negative mental images!

Fear of an illness—This involves the creating of systems of mental pictures wherein one's body is viewed in various phases of disease.

Fear of losing some previous object, some beloved person—The only way one experiences this type of fear is by creating mental images of a scene of action wherein one IS NOW BEING OR HAS ALREADY BEEN DEPRIVED OF THE THING ONE TREASURES! Without such mental images, there is no "emotion", no "energy-motion", no fear. If you can't see it. you can't fear it!

This is the powerfully disintegrative factor about negative mental images. As created in the mind, the mental pictures are not that the feared disaster, consequence, or loss may occur at some future time. Instead, in one's mental images, one sees the event as occurring NOW, or as having ALREADY OCCURRED. Examine any one of your personal fears carefully. You will find accomplishing or creating image level the very event that you are on the psychic that you rear!

But, fortunaiely for every one of us, such negative mental images—especially fleeting or casual ones—are not in and by themselves sufficient to complete the feared situation. There is one further requirement—probably the major top secret of Creative Image Therapy. Repeating, that is, DUPLICATING, the image system a sufficient number of times—no one knows, mathematically, just how many times—and the imaged physical event is apt finally to occur!

The above formulation is incomplete with reference to the incidence of many kinds of human physical disease. Many are created through a three-stage system of manifestation, wherein the victim does not directly create and endlessly duplicate mental pictures of the dreaded condition itself. Instead, the victim DOES endlessly create and duplicate mental images of disastrous events: loss of job, loss of a patient through some stupid error, loss of a loved one, loss of money, loss of home, loss of prestige, loss of power, loss of this-or-that. These anxiety states, these mentally harassing systems of mental imagery, no more, no less, if persistently duplicated, cause the subconscious mind to overstimulate the nerve-organ-gland-muscle structure of the body, as if in everlasting preparation to fight the danger or to run from it.

If the subconscious structure is kept under continuous tension, on the alert for menacing disasters that never arrive, then these nerve-organ-gland-muscle structures finally reach a state of exhaustion. They begin to disintegrate, or become degenerated as a consequence of the interminably duplicated psychic tensions. So, the basic formula—first the image, then the event—probably must be restated something like this:

First, the anxiety type image; second, the endlessly repeated preparations through the action of the sympathetic nervous system, and of the organ-gland-muscle structures to cope with the danger by attacking it or fleeing from it; and third, the disintegration through sheer exhaustion of the nerve-organ-gland-mus-cular structure into various conditions of disease.


The power of POSITIVE creative imagery is even more fantastic, especially when it is consciously and scientifically applied.

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