Volume 2, Issue 4, page 17

to convey information likely to be
useful to you, please note that although this information is not in
favor of nylon ribbons, it is not
low toned unless untrue. And it
does not bare to be entirely rit .
either; you m my have bad abetter
experience with some particular
brand of pylon ribbon which has
been able to use the fineness and.
firmness of the fabric while doing
emay with the quick-drying feature,
which is here not any advantage. If
so, I will be pleased to correct my
oat"You follow my drift? There is
nothing low in tane about data as
data, whether glad. sad, or mad -- it
is only bad of it is false. False
cheer is bad, sad, mad data. Dimmed
ideals can be brightened lmowledge vtihh
I claim& here ly y abso el towel ss, and
Tt foes like thiss
If they act like that at GHQ.

What does the process really do?
"Everybody hates this pose as
wept me; hike it.
"Well, about our group naps. I
have quit and after some argument
the group has fired me. If I sneak
in I am supposed to be ignored, and
if anybody not in the know should
ask who that woman is huddled over
there in the corner, they should
soy Jane Doe, or some other decent
concealment." -- Alma Hill, Boston.
"I bare two thoughts on Scientolo 's present condition. First, for
3 years Hubbard gave his system to
public. Now he wants to take it
back, to assume full control. He
can't have it. He no longer fully
owns it. Hor frustrating this must