Auditorials: Coincidences; Criticism; Book of the Dead

Volume II, Number 4 JULY-AUGUST, 1956 Voice of Infinites" for V«m». Fluto, larth. Mart, and fcrdo.
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POLICY—Don't take it so damn' seriously. The tomorrow you're worried about today will be funny yesterday.
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(Amentiated Earth Contaminators) were blowing up the Nevada desert with A-bombs, the midwest suffered one of its worst drouths in history. Crops wilted for lack of moisture. Huge clouds of radioactive dust swirled and eddied through the countryside, turning days into nights, and invading homes, offices, and lungs with a carpet of silt.

The blower-uppers moved to the Pacific for supersecret underwater tests. During the last month or so, the midwest has suffered a deluge of heavy rains; floods have driven people from their homes; rampaging rivers have taken their toll; what few crops survived the drouth revived slightly from the first drops of moisture, and then drowned, or were beaten to the ground by hail. Tornadoes leveled large sections of cities And towns, and the area was kept on a constant tornado alert day after day, night after night.

Of course, there is no connection between the A-bomb tests and the weather; the Amentiated Earth Con-taminators loudly and angrily insist this is so. But we write of both incidents in one story to save space. And we thought it might be interesting to contemplate, just in case there WAS any connection! Which, of course, there isn't—as we've already said, and say again; THERE ISN'T ANY CONNECTION! In fact, there's no more connection between the A-bombs and the storms than between the dry ice dropped from airplanes on clouds and the rains that may happen to follow.

It's all a matter of coincidence, Every bit of it.

CRITICISM-DOES IT AID OR DESTROY? T h ere has been some criticism of The ABERREE as be-too critical of recent Si policies, based on the statement that if we really favor Scientology, we'll accept the bad with the good—that criticism has but one aim: to destroy. This we deny. There is much in Scientology that we have adopted as part of our way of living. We use it on ourselves and recommend it to friends. But, in the last year, there have been many policies adopted by the parent organization— especially since it began operating with a club—that we consider not befitting the "ideal" we "bought" more than three years ago—and in which we have invested many dollars and many hours. By this investment, Scientology has become ours, too. It was "sold" to us. And as co-owners, we feel it not only our right but our duty to keep our "ideal" from sinking into a degenerate, profiteering property that can be "given" to man one day, taken back the next, and then resold only to those willing to give up all freedom and initiative.

Which is a long way around to say that one of the few iWHlnlng evidences that Scientology is still an ideal is reflected in CERTAINTY, a small, monthly magazine published by the British office of the HASI. This is undoubtedly the highest toned printed matter now carrying the Hubbard banner. CERTAINTY we can recommend for Scientologists—at $2.50 a year; as for the ABILITYs, at $8.50 a year, they seem aimed to do for Scientology what the Russian newspaper, PRAVDA, aims to do for the U. S. Constitution—scuttle it.

Maybe it's just that the British office is far enough away from the CECS not to be contaminated by its disease—whatever that disease may be. But the editors of and contributors to CERTAINTY are to be congratulated for staying on solid ground, even though their sponsor finds it more fun to travel through the muck of the swamps.

WHO'S DEAD? While read-THE "MAJOR" ing ABILITY DOESN'T SAY MAJOR III, in which the CECS listed the handful of auditors acceptable to it, sane-one branded it "The Book of the Dead".

"You mean those on the list are dead? or those not listed are dead?" we asked.

"You figure it out," he said.

We checked the list closely, and since many of them are subscribers to The ABERREE, we knew this was not a list of the dead. And, since many of the best auditors in the field—also subscribers to The ABERREE —were not on the list, the formula just didn't work out. Therefore, we concluded it must be the CECS that is dead, which would explain that awful smell coming out of Phoenix the last few months—the smell of advancing putrefaction.