Volume 2, Issue 4, page 2

Published in the Dark of the Moon -- 6 to 12 Moons a Tear -- at
Z)7iorth Washington Street, Enid, Oklahoma, U. S. A.

Editor! The Rev. Mr. Dr. AMU OMEGA BART. I-2, D .D. , D.Son.. F.Son ,

Publisher:AG3~ ALICE HART. .I-1, R.C.A., Sr., B.lpr., ETC.

POLICY-Don't take it so damn' seriously. The tomorrow you're worried
about today will be funny yesterday.

Infinite:" for llama, Pluto, Perth, Msrs, and Zydo. Which is a long wa
around to say that one of arthe
few wining evidences
that 9aientology is still
an idleal is reflected in
C LUITL a mall, monthly
magazine pp~ntl i shd the
British Office of the BAST.

Volume II, Number 4 and then resold only to
JULY-AUGUST, 1956 those willing to give up all
freedom and-initiative.

SUB-POLICY -- We reserve the right to clang* our minds from issue to
issue, or even from Page 1 to Page 2, if we desire.

Subscription Price: Same as last month -- S2 a year -- until we go up to
$2.50, which may be next month.

Advertising Bates: =1 a a lump inch -- payable in advance. (Ho trade-ins
an used advertising.

This is undoubtedly the
highest toned printed satter now carrying the Hubbard
banner. CERTAINTY we can
recommend for Sciehtologists -- at $2.50 a year; as
OF COURSE, MAN Last Win- course, there isn't -- as for the ABILITYs, at $8.50
MAKES HIS OWN ter, when we've already said, and say a year, they seem aimed to
"COINCIDENCES" the A.E.C. again: THERE ISN'T ANY CON- do for Scientology what the
(Amentiated NECTION! In fact, there's Russian newspaper, PRAVDA,
no more connection between aims to do for the U.S. ConEarth Contaminators) were the A-bombs and the storms stitution -- scuttle it.
blowing up the Nevada des- than between the .dry ice Maybe it's just that the
ert with A-bombs, the mid- dropped from airplanes on British office is far enwest suffered one of its clouds and the rains that ough away from the CECS not
worst drouths in history. may happen to follow, to be contaminated by its
Crops wilted for lack of It's all a matter of co- di8ease