Volume 2, Issue 4, page 13

Thou noble word-architect of
the infinite-s-iimal, thou pampa of
the nonentity of the non-entity,thou exponent
of the mysteries of the reciprocal of aleph-null,
greetings! These symbolic utterances encased in symbolic
form, themselves both encircled and engulfed by void. do
2jearCCd~C"I'd like to compliment you an the
good job you're doing (and the rest
of the field is doing too, for that
matter in distinguishing between
Hubbard the Scientologist and Hubbard
the politician. If people in general
were as well able to make differentiation of this sort, I think government policy in this country might be
a lot different than it is now; and
perhaps we wouldn't be in such conn
tinuons danger from this international game of Russian Roulette.
01Hubbard is certainly not to be
judged by any simple standards; he's
a phenomenon all by himself. There
is a theoretical type of mind which.
presented with a new discovery or a
new idea, is interested in developing
all the ramifications of it, relating
it to everything else, drawing inferences from it, and constructing new
theories; and there is a practical
type of mind which is inclined to
take an idea and turn it into a process, to apply it to some specific
problem, to find the use of it. Usuall an individual belongs to one or
another of these groups, but it's
seldom that you find a person, like
Hubbard. who operates with equal confidence in both realms of thought. I
think it would be very ungracious of
prs -- rho are indebted to him for so
much -- to attack him or condemn him
because he doesn't happen to conform
to our idea of a 'nice gam' as well.
"If one cared to go into it. there
is enough ammunition lying around at
present to start a majorwar in the
Scientological field -- but what a futile waste of energy that would be.
Bemuse if anybody thinks Scientolo
can do without the voluntary- seaistance of Hubbard, he's t tly
mistaken; and if Hubbard he
can get along without the voluntary
co-operation of others, he's just as
badly mistaken. Sooner or later Hubbard and the field will probably realize that their need for co-opera.
tion is greater than their need to
control each other.
"With all due respect to Bob Williams, I think his remark in the
likewise in their turn both
This void-berimmed rim of
naught but nought, ou
:avoid the void, or v
turns and returns u
holed, nothing tol
and nothing rolled.
The cipher deoiphe
disclothed. 0 wor
verbosity bold-4h
beheld and retold!
witless whorl of
pure nonsense. wan
sere nothing, yet
be said. A veritable
baffling in its immen
the configuration of its
"The pyramid on the May issue
shows that you know how everything
physical, all the positives and
negatives, explode out of the apex
and fall down or descend into the
sensed world. A slight improvement
would be to make the pyramid truncated, although I think you did
have a zero there, or the X-ing.
"I like the June issue and... may
article is apropos with that of Hoby LaMarche, answering the enigma
that there are no contradictions.
'The more complete the explanation,
the more complete the contradiction.