Plowing Up the Field

tien about the Hussies anted~ uupp
the fare and the NASI can't afford
it."-* 1119.
"Looking at L.R.H.'s 30 !actors
which were 'Humbly tendered as a
GIFT TO MA3KIND ( emphasis)', in
the light of much selflessness.
not present, I am moved to
write the following letter, copies
of which shall be sent to State and
Federal authorities who tsay be interested.
"Please do not misunderstand me.
I like Dianetics and Scientology,
but have lost respect for is administrators. Show me a san/wo an
with High Class Aberrations and I
will show you a LRH Scientologist.
"It may be truthfully said I am
biased because Scientologists unblushingly stripped me of several
hundred dollars. ALSO I cannot han- r owing U the Field
say that I am not smarter -- 1
EPC1ft I've been ROAD:
"But the letters To discover whether Dia"'Dianetios' 1950 now Scientolo- netics is building a better
/Diaaetics was written and in- of solid material or
irodnced by its «head L. Bon Hub- bridge
bard. The subtitle to this book is mere wind, Don Schuster has
"The Modern science of mental started a much-needed camHealth". L. Hon Hubbard maintained

that the application of his scion- paign to collect data from
tific theory would empty all mental auditors on the results of
institutions. their processing. This he
"'Foliaring the introduction of calls his Records Research
Dinneties, Hubbard found that a

therapy may not be practiced with- Program, and those willing
out a license. Rather than fi t to help are asked to write
for recopition of his Positive him in care of the C.A.D.A.

Science by repeated perfect demon- Eventually, IDa be we audistrations proving his contentions,

Mr. Hibbard deployed and emerged tors will be willing to sounder the protective mantle of cept proprietorship for more
Churohiem and Religion. We nuw and more of this "humble
have the Church of Scientology gift to man" and quit waitLa this therapy as ministera in may statts oT our union at ing for everything to be
a'animta fee of 510 r hour, us- done for us -- at the expense
ing B.C. (Before Church methods.
"'scientology/Dramatic therapeu
tics are as devoid of relationship TOR -- moved to Phoenix from
to church. religion. or Divine In- Denver less than a year ago
torrent ion as are ,the therapeutics -- has gone about as far as
of medical science.
"May the God of Scientology it can go (west, that is).
bless you."—Jacob Apse], Mama- The current issue was pubkee. Wis. fished in Richmond, Calif.,
"Sorry. but I do not feel in- where Editor Frances Bergd fined to renwr sub. as ae ' interest lund discovers that prosin dianetios-scientology }ass waned
to the vanishing point. It is a essing, during her extended
case of the blind leading the blind absence, has brought many
at AsI have at s said. someday. in the Bay area up tone...
the thing will je l and then I ay And speaking of publicasee on again. jell
a good tions, Henrietta Moore, of
st -t. The recent bad was revivall (?1 h t their own editorial board,
helped much that I can see... won a year's subscription
"scientology and its :preachers' to her own magazine by namand churches give me a laugh.

"As long as man tries to pull ing the "Newsletter of the
himself up with his own bootstraps Scientology Group of Porthe will get nowhere, for there is land" the ARC-AID..
=where for man to go but in a metaphysical direction. so I am stick- Pearl and Carroll Hennick
ing to metaphysics. but I am not report that their Siamese
going t put out a sure fire method &mud a tangled with a
until have definitely proven my ca g
concepts." -- Dr. Addison O'Neill. hit and run driver, recentDaytona Beach , Fie. ly, and now won't be proThe ABERREE. July August. 1955
viding a companion for the
Aberree's office cat, Lucipuss, who's getting a bit
too cocky having the field
to herself. Also, from some
weird source, Lucipuss got
the ideashe's a "wildcat --
which she isn't... ga, TiU
of Boston thinks Walt Kelly's name can be scratched
off the HASI's "Project Celebrity (a project wherein
non-famous auditors are
supposed to contact, audit,
and generally improve a long
listof persons who already
are famous). Kelly -- w h o
draws "Pogo" -- she says, is
"already there"...Recently,
we heard of an "operating
thetan" who permitted his
body to lease a building in
hot Phoenix without checking
to see if his landlord had
overlooked a little matter
of air conditioning...The
current issue of DIANOTES
prints a letter from Jim
Struckmeyer, attorney f o r
the HASI, defending the editor of The AHEM= against
recent irresponsible charges in one of the ABILITYs.
Thank you, Lawyer Jim and
Editor Bob Collings...

Among visitors to The
ABERREE office last month
were Brother Art of Fort
Worth, who borrowed 14 hours
of A.L.Kitselman tapes from
the 120 hours lent us by
Lee Lockhart, and Mary and
Harry Crass of phoenix, who
stopped on their vacation
trip to Milwaukee. Harry
once was a "big man" in Dianetics circles, and he's
still a big man, even though
his interest in Scientology
has cooled a bit. But he
wasn't too big for the alleged "dark hole in an alley" some editor wrote of
The ABERREE office just before he went into the long,
long, long silence...Norman
Fritz, who attended the big
shindig in Washington, says
there'll still be a midwest Dianetics-Scientology
conference -- but we're not
yelling "wolf" again until
we get the critter's pawprints...