Volume 2, Issue 4, page 5

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REATIVE Image Therapy is a
practical psychical method
for the treatment of physical diseases, and-for tas --
eradication of unhappy men
tal states created by anxieties, worries, fears, nervous tension, and the like.
Creative Image Therapy is directed
impartially to doctors, therapists, and
to the public. This therapy offers a concise and simple mode of procedure that is
workable without extensive: study of formal
psychology, though it does presume that
the therapist is familiar with and can
apply the preliminary procedures of Eleatropsychometry.

Creative Image Therapy is valuable
in cases of physical illnesses, in that
it sets up constructive, healing,-mentalimage patterns of the mind. It is especially useful in the treatment of the socalled constitutional diseases, such as
tuberculosis, heart and circulatory ailments, stomach ulcers, or any disease
that develops gradually over a period of

The outstanding features of Creative
Image Therapy are its simplicity and its
tremendous power. The simplicity is such
that one can learn in an hour or two all
that one basically needs to know in order
to apply it successfully,. either in one's
own case or in the cases of one's patients. This is a'therapy that the reader
ought to be sure to use on himself, above
any other person.

Creative Image Therapy is a modernized, scientific presentation of only
three very anciently known principles.

The first and main one of these is:
That before, any human being, can OMform conscious physical act, must
first create a non-physicgl"man image"
or a system of mental images depicting
the execution of the act.

Although the term "image" suggests
optical-like manifestations, it nonetheless includes and. comprises all possible
communicative perceptions, which are based
in one way or another on MOTION, such as
sounds, contacts with materials and surfaces, and so on.

Mental images -- memories, fantasies,
imaginary pictures in the mind, and the
like -- have always been taken for granted.
Yet this power to create mental images is
one of the supreme manifestations of this
universe. They have no weight, no size,
no wave length -- no ponderable physical
reality. Having no physical features
whatsoever, mental or psychic image patterns are the generators of physical
events of every kind, probably including
everything from the most insignificant to
the most stupendous.

The usual definition of an "event"
is along the line of something that takes
'place, a situation wherein things happen.
In the scientific aspect of the word,
however., the term "event" covers much
more than this. It stands for:
1. An occurrence.
2. ANY physical structure, object,
person, or thing.

The second definition is apt to seem
strange to most readers. When a scientist
states "A man is an EVENT", one might
fancy at first that the statement doesn't
make much sense. let it really does make
sense -- for the deeper meaning of the
statement, "A man is an event", is that
any living person is a bundle of energies
IN ACTION -- he is at once therefore the
sum total of a vast multitude of prior
and present events -- and he is an EVENT
HIMSELF in that he is "something happening, here and now".

Every physical thing CHANGES from
year to year, from day to day, from second to second. These changes go on relentlessly and inexorably, presumably
forever, regardless of whether our powers
of perception are sufficiently sensitive
to be aware of this continuous change.

So, in the scientific sense, almost
everything in the physical universe is an
"event" -- for energy in action is every
where apparent. A cancerous growth or ANY
other disease or situation of tension in
the human body is also an event -- it involves the manifestation of energies in
action that are producing deleterious alterations in tissues.

Every action is preceded by a system
of images that are precursors of the act.

In short, if you can't "see" i.t, if
you can't "vision" it, if you can't even
Under the guidance of this imaging
force, physical activity goes on at a
great rate -- and in the gradual development
of what we call "conscious awareness", we

These image patterns on the conscious
level which we are aware of and which we
The ABBRRER, July-August, 1955