erating thetan can find enjoyment and avoid boredom. Random! ty. One game Is solved, another is half solved, another is being created, with many degrees of completion and solving going on at ail times, tie seek all knowledge, find it, and scram back to occlusion so as to get in on the fun of finding out what happened while we were occluded. There is a happy medium—-but that is another chapter.


When a young woman began stripping on an Oklahoma City bus, the driver stopped in the middle of a crowded downtown street and yelled to a cop for help.* He got it fast—-scout oars, Havy shore patrol, detectives, and scores of motorists. Which is important to AB-ERREE readers only as aid in an emergency.If you're being robbed, and you need a cop real fast,, start taking off your clothes. Police have seen robbers—but naked skin?
The only other known way to get rapid police action is to park in front of a meter—and forget to feed it.


Although "Children's Imagination Games" by Richard deMille was written for the juvenile, this book could easily be added to "Self-Analysis" and the E-Meter as working tools of any auditor who has a sincere desire to help hi a preclaars.
The book is mimeographed. (» heavy stock, pocket size, and spiral hound for convenience in carrying and use. The "mock-ups" are divided into 25 sections-— with notes and directions in the back.
The book is not issued as a therapeutic agent, lk. delfille says, but adds that it "is not surprising that changes in health may accompany the playing of Children's Imagination Games. It is a mistake, however, to set out purposely to relieve some condition through
the use of these games. They are not specific enough for that; nor can any method known to man be guaranteed to solve an individual
Parents, teachers, and all play supervisors, even if they never heard of Diane tics o r Scientology,
find a new adventure in emji chapter of this 154-page volume. Published at $2.50 by L.O.Anderson, 901 S. Harvey, Los Angeles,


"Removing Eyeglasses Permanently," by Jim Welgos -- This is another in the series of self-help booklets issued by Hunan Engineering of FAirbope, Ala.
GLassas, the writer says, mb he removed in seconds— if you ask the right question. Bat for those who can't find that elusive interrogation, there are several exercises baaed on the work of Drs. Bates, Harm-holts, et al. Following these, you can discover for yourself tfiat an uuneoes-sary crutch gl asses really are—and from then cm, it's up to you whether you centime to "need* them or not.
The main reason for the "need" of wearing glasses, Wlgon points out, is the merry about seeing. And be cites all the foibles and endangering cautions with which most of us are pommeled from infancy: Don't
read in a dim light; always have the light coming over year left shoulder, don't look at anything too bright, etc., ad infinitum. Editorially, we might add that health would be improved at least 99% if all the "Calamity Janes" and "Do-Gooders* were bora as vocally dumb as they are mentally
"Removing Eyeglasses Permanently" sells for $2, plus a contribution of your old "cheaters" when and if you take them off.

"Where da I get made more able?"