Point and Space Create and Destroy Each Other

Cross of Chri'qt, crisscrossing :with the of I. C iqh is J. C:, 'Which is Jesus
cross of im°att -, the +, is the bk., is sym- Christ -- the X-i ng +, the Chrr sto yentriobol of the0par4r t church of Christ ;anny. ity of the material Jesus..
It is the \-.lion. 'It may be sing to
By givirf,i attraction, all itpos- know that the sully subs-U . and egat .ve opposites, thel space QQ1 $ tuted for t4eiphyai6al 1, and
becomes the 7Po;nt. In the point, the VroSsted by the .k bbed bones,
posites becae :llikes, and the expulsion- is also bgsi4' Christian.
of likes is'" a taking away fromt the , The 1 -is the br ' of space
point, to again rome space. to a hedi._ The skull is kill with
Thus the poin and the space create which ane can bare the heat, that is, to
and destroy each or, at the same +time .taker ererything away from the head in
and cyclically, in perpetuity. Each is order to allow the- whole wo kd •to efforteach other's cause and each is each oth., lessljt and effectively rush -bael into it,
er's effect and each is each other. This, toagain: beheaded,
as a composite, is the only certainty*, This bol is s sha the
the sole reality. All else are but mcfcak - aR.
appearances. There can be no point- etc- "Practical piratical princis3 a of robbing
cept in space and no space except ' ir} `,Peter to p, Paul. Peter is the rock of
point. Likes repel because unlikes!at.7 pverstressed materiality;' ono- which the Xtract. Unlikes attract because likes ian church is based. Peter,: the point,
repel. And still belaboring the point: peters.out/to castrated Paul, the pail,
The likes are in the point of attraction,
expelling; and the unlikes are in /the unceasingly. And the catalytic constant
space ofexpulsion, attracting. Birds of Paul must return the pitch, with inters feather scatter to gather and gather to eat, as it is received. Paul,who beheads
scatter. the.point? is himself beheaded.
The 1, being the'basic.unit of What Paul saw he EAg -- the reflection
matter, is frequently substituted of Christ, who chased (grooved) the money
for,theplus. Here is the Exal- (many)-changers (positive and -negative
ted;-Cn , the %-alt-ed i, the Ges- cycles) from the Temple by pointing them.
talted 1, the ghost-alt-ed 1. The classic dramas, operas, myths, fables,
"Alt" in German means_"old". To-exalt is and-the arts' generally depict enactments
The ABERREE, July-August, 1955 7
AID THE Alpha AND the Omega,
the beginning AND the end,
the first AND the last." In
this basic dichotomy, the
beginning is the fusion of
giving, in marriage, everything to the zero focal
point. The end is the fission of taking, in divorcement, everything.away from that point.

The beginning is a +-ing. The ending
is an X-ing.

This picture of giving and
taking away is the co-eternal
concurrence and recurrence of the
opposition and similitude of acto X out the old and X in the new.
is the X-ing Father.

The X-ing P or Greek Chi Rho
is the Pax, the peace that passes
understanding. It is the peace
and placidity of the X-ing of the
physical Rho-ing—the rowing or
going__forth. The causing of the going is
the X-ing oars,- whirling alternately and
simultaneously as co-factors, pushing the
water in one direction. to create the void
in which the boat moves in the other.

The' universal recipe.., prescription, and cure' ,is -- the Chi Rho,
the X-ing and the R.ifig.. It is
R,e the 'King, the K=,fng of betion and reaction. The X, the coming, inwhich the K is a-enbiied form