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I'm Kristi Wachter. I created this site to present and preserve a unique slice of Scientology history - and American history.

I have created a number of sites as a result of my ongoing interest in Scientology, Scientologists, and the many reform movements and splinter groups that have sprung up since the early days of Dianetics.

  • Scientology Lies was my first Scientology-related site. It documents Scientology's criminal and unethical acts and some of its many lies.
  • Truth About Scientology, a followup to Scientology Lies, is intended more for active or questioning Scientologists than the general public. It documents alterations to the Scientology scriptures (the "tech"), analyzes statistics based on Scientology's own publications, and reports outpoints that other Scientologists have found.
  • The Lisa McPherson Files presents the evidence collected by the Clearwater Police Department as part of their investigation into the death of Lisa McPherson, who lived her last days - and died - in the custody of the Church of Scientology.

As I collected information, I came across the occasional issue of The Aberree, which tickled me and delighted me and amazed me with its glimpses of a side of Scientology history that had gotten buried - or erased. From the very earliest days of Dianetics and Scientology (or "Dianology," as the Aberree editor called it), there was dissent, skepticism, experimentation, infighting, harassment, fluctuating policy, and name-calling. But back then, there was also a healthy helping of humor.

I am thrilled to be able to present the Aberree in its entirety, thanks to the Harts themselves, who chose not to copyright their work - and to the diligent collectors who kept the old magazines around.

I welcome feedback from visitors to any of my sites - although I am usually extremely slow to reply, due to the amount of mail I get. If you have suggestions for this site or information that could be used here, please contact me, Kristi Wachter, at

I thank you for taking the time to visit the Compleat Aberree.

Kristi Wachter

Enjoy your visit back to the Aberree's 50-year-old time warp ... and remember - don't take it all so damn' seriously!

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