Volume 2, Issue 4, page 9

thing, only their own demise and the resultant space, which in turn gathers up
the pieces and returns them to their
place of beginning. The fish is sacrificial.

The Swastika is
the oldest plus symbol of the oldest
race alive today -- the
Chinese. Like the
Hebrews, who are He-brews, sons are their
greatest asset and also liability. To
positive and negative records into the Ark to be
no-ed into a new order.

If the X-ing oars are
the arms of the boat, the
X-ing arms are the oars of
Buddha. If the X-ing arms
are circumcising and augmenting the he-art of the
heart, the X-ing legs are
doing likewise for the
phallus. The body motivates the limbs as the
them abstraction is obstruction to over- limbs motivate the body.

The square and
the circle is a
vice versa. Man is
both on the square
and in the circle.
The inexplicable
problem of the ages, how to square
the circle, is
readily solved by
A new moon in its being the circle,
which automatically and effortlessly
virgin state is a hori- squares itself. Nature avoids a void.
zontal prostrate femi- The square is the eternally expandingnine form. A star is a point of matter in the entirely crystalpiercing form of male- lining circle of space. Man, the square,
direction. When Mohammed lowered his is the microcosm, and the compass of
sword and raised his crescent, the idols space is the macrocosm. The cospace. "Mene, Mane, Tekel Upharsen," interOn the island of Ba- prated Daniel, reading the handwriting on
li, this is a picture the wall. "Man, man, torn apart are ye."
of a God. The lowly, Obviously, man, has arms and legs diviformless, chaotic mass dad, is more apart than together. As a
of decentration is the body, he is torn apart. As a spirit, he
recording in s ce is being brought together. "Let not life
' divide what death can bring together." --
echoing itself into a Shelley.
circumference, the virBali Christian gin moon, which binds
itself back to the
point it carries, out of which the flame
of 1 is corded. The chaos is the soft
underbelly in which the material record
is implanted.

In the Christian picture, the chaos
is the pliable amniotic water. The virgin
moon is the boat that carries the record,
the cross of matter.
come. But since action and reaction are
the same and opposite, many births presupposes many deaths. Life is held
cheaply with the plus nations. Analogous
thereto, the advent of more wars and more
deaths is also the advent of more births.So we create wars in order to increase
the population. When the + is full, the
male will fall down and the female will
fall up.