Volume 2, Issue 4, page 15

conch and 'abject team, or by a Hamm Stuff Group. All this talk
about a bon being- of Din able
to tate care of his own ass* is bunk
in opinion.... If the tools are
and the conditions are right,
1 belies air intelligent human
be cm tabs chargge of his ara
case right from the start...
"The following data about Project Shalom are presented for those
who night be interest.ds.
"Q. What is Project Nucleus?
"A. Project Nucleus is as ea~periment in human development. It is
being carried on' a gTOWing =M.
bar of Homan Study Croups scattered
throughout this oouunt~ y and abroad.
Hagdquartersare c10 Don Purcell.
2211t~i ~~aerrby inge MMMMMWichita, Nes.
"Q. What is this experiment?
"A. Basically. it is an
meat to see if the synergic mode of
function can be evoked stably in
human individuals and groups. We
hare succeeded in evoking this mode
temporarily and studying its rope
erties; endive have developed Loafs
which evoke it more and more readily. we do not know whether
ream be produced permanently or
whether elI Mamboing* can achieve it. One purpose of this emperimemt is to find cat.
"Q. What do you mean by 'spargilt mods of function'?
"A. In this mode, every action
taken by on individual has the
property of simultaneously promoting a variety of functions. As a
result his perceptions become ham,
me; his thirb4 g becomes much more
clear maim= rapid; his actions
become more adroit and effortless;
his control over his internal bodily processes is increased. He has
a much greater ability to communicate with other human beings and to
read their hidden motivations. Be
has & knack of grasping a situation
at a glance ~ and solving complex
e.ionoamsober ros t. In a ooi