Volume 2, Issue 4, page 8

of the gathered disbursing point and the
dispersed gathering space.

The Xring bones is the Chaos, derived
from K plus os, the K-ing bones. This is
the Christos, the Christ-bone. The knobbed bones are like bar magnets with their
knobbed fields.
the seal and the soul and the song which
is Solomon, the master-`builder of the
perfect Temple. i
The male and female triangles, coming
to a head in the point, is the causing of
the X-ing, which becomes clear as lines
are drawn through the opposite vertical
and diagonal points.

K The secret of fruition in the son lies
in the perpendicular
action of the male with
the mother earth, imMe1s ?..ale ploding to its center.
The female is the simultaneous reaction
exploding from it. This is the plus and
the pulse beat of the universe.

The male with its base horizontal with
the sky is a repulsion from heaven. The
female is a repulsion from the earth.

Natural man is a tau cross with the
mother earth. Natural woman is an equal
sign, being based parallel and even with
it. Eve is repelled out of Adam's rib,
which is his orb, his robe, and his circumference. Ere evens Adam up. Eve
evolves Adams. A man is an exploding implosion. A woman is an imploding explosion. A natural man is earthbound -- a saint

When Christianity
uses the six sex pointed star by turning the
cones horizontally, the
son, the middle point,
Now, h o w
could t h e s e
very primitive
artists, w h o
could draw so
little, know so
much, using
such a naive
childish technique to dxpress such a
sophisticated mature concept?
The 1-ing hour glass
is the transparent space
from which the positive
and negative horns, full
of plenty are emergents, evaporating back
into space. Time is a point in space.
Time is an item, is a mite, is an emit.

The hour glass is an example -- an X-ampie, X-ing the horns of plenty. In lack
we appreciate the value of
things. In abundance we realize their worthlessness.

The Celtic- Cross, very ancient, is another recognition
of the co-existence of the
material plus lines and the
non-material spaces between is absent. This is the X-ing of the
them. Positive and negative fertility of the female, the X-ing mitwinings of material objects nus, the X-ing of the face of the earth.
are generally depicted on the The objective sex of a Nun is none. There
face of the plus, to be IC-ed.
can be no conception when the sign is
A triangle of forces, whirling down to equal and parallel, even as the earth
the left, broad which lies dormant when the sun shines
shoulders up, isa most horizontally with it, rather than
icture of the poll- contra to it. Summer is the summer upper.
itive male. A broad The Fall is full. In the minter we inbottom, whirling up ter. In the Spring we spring forth to
to the right, is a again fulfill.
negative female. The early Christians, who were
i The cross-pollins- the late Hebrews, used the hori ting or interlacing male and female cones zontal Z lines of the negative
is another plus, forming the addition of cold blooded fish and they eXpired in
the point of matter at their center of cold blood. Like fish tales today, they
equilibration. were expandable and expandable. We make
This is the Seal of Solomon, the Sol- u what we mock-up. What we see we are.
Moon, the point in the space. The =ma- Those who mock up the Z exclusively exting and the g ninating of the point is elude the phyeIcal. They contribute no8 The ABERREE, July-August, 1955