Volume 2, Issue 4, page 10

who ate her mate, the X-ian minister emu- spectrum by means of mirrors to a point
lates the monster who cures all ill by and obtain white light. Yet how simply
eating it. This creature is the curator, the complexity is resolved by just focusis the creator, is the Chi-Rho-ater. ing the spectrum to a point.

The minister is the negative moon- So also, when the body, brain, and
star, the minus-star, who acquires its breath are effectively stilled, it belight from the sun and so prlys on God. comes a point of vacuity into which the
Like soft monster cheese, he is the min- all that has been sent out returns disister chaos that records the positive tilled back to the point. The return home
word, prying it from the God-head and of the prodigal son is in fact a one-shot
praying it back to again interlace the integration, wrought without working it
populace into a new God-head. or willing it, but just letting it. The
Because Ten is the end of point is the Home, the HomeO-point, where
the cycle, it is the decimal, all are created equal, where likes cure
the deci-male, the circle of likes, where the smaller the dose the
space swallowing the 1. The more potent the cure, where no dose is
Roman ten is the X .that marks the spot. the best dose.
10 is, at the same time and cyclically, The L is 'rein script.
voiding the point in 1-0 and pointing the El is the Hebrew 1 God.
void in 0-1. The life that begins or
In the word "Ten", the letter "N".is a goes forth at forty is XL,
picture of a flash of lightning, leaving the X-alt-ed, the renascent 1. At sixty,
a vacuum in its wake, into which the LX is the ancient 1, the sexagenarian,
whole world thunders. So "ten" is tenu- dissolving into space, the way of all
ous, a T-N-ing. A wake is the way of K. flesh. To L first results in an X-ing.
0 ID 01 to 5 is building up the To X first results in an L-ing. To XL is
point to be voided. 6 to 10 is to excell, is to %-cell. Disintegration
building up the void to be point- is the way to integration.
ed. 01 is the birth from the So, in order to aspire to the one-shot
"womb. 10 is the resurrection nascent 1 and rebirth, decentrate first --
56 from the tomb. i.e., relax, drop the jaw, -close the
King Solomon was called King eyes, and look down.

Eleven because he was the composite order Expand and crystallize. Divide -and
01-10, the 5 + 6, the solar system. The conquer. Concur and let there be. Don't
composite order of 10-01 is the Logos, ROCK the boat, but roll the ROCK away,
the One Limitless One. The composite 5-6 and there you are, as are we all, living,
is the nadir of materiality, the point each in his own empty casket in the
that can materialize or aberrate no far- King's chamber.
ther out, but can only act as the bridge Leave no word unturned. Whir every
to be crossed over in order to return to sense of the word.
the zenith, the Logos. 01-10 is the highest we can go, 5-6 an X is. (NOTE -- This is the second in a series
The chosen or chasten Hebrew, meaning of articles by Mr. Friedman, in which he
the River Crosser, was probably the first points out the symbolistic links between
in his era to reach the extremity of ma- the basic, vowelless language and man's
teriality of the "camp farthest out". The physical and spiritual beingness.)
5-6 is the cubical extreme made up of re- -e