Volume 9, Issue 2, page 15


"Please pull the ORION Magazine ad from your publication.
"I didn't expect any subscriptions from your (censored), (censored), (censored)
readers, but I had hoped to
receive a snooty letter or two.
However, I got only silence."
-- Ural R. Murphy, Nditor, ORñ
ION, Charlotte, N. Car.
`ED.NOTE -- We think Mr. Murphy should write more for publication. Even some "leading
metaphysical magazines" could
be improved by a little "fire"
and "life" in editorial conñ
tent, now and then.)
"We really stirred up something with that article on the
New Age Center here in Oklahoma City.
"We've been getting lots of
letters from all over and we're
finally convinced that what
you've been saying about The
ABERREE having a lot of smart
readers is true. There have
been a lot of practical suggestions come in, along with
numerous offers of help in
various ways.
"There is one thing that
still has me up a tree, tho --
how do you explain what a New
Age thinker thinks to somebody
who isn't a New Age thinker?
Most of the letters, at least
up to now, seem to take for
granted that I' m a New Age
thinker and will understand
this New Age language they're
using. Which I do, at least
most of the time, but when I
turn around and use the same
explanations to some of the
good people hereabout, they
just look sympathetic like maybe the boys in the white jackets will catch up with me most
any minute.
"Do you suppose you've got
any readers who could give me
a hand here?" -- Chas.O.Rhoades,
2856 NFl 18, Oklahoma City, Ok.
(ED. NOTE -- What's a New Aqe
MAY, 1962
thinker doing associating with I still have a great deal of
"good people", anyhow?) respect and use for Dianetics.
0 0 0 It is a good psychotherapy and
"Liked very much your last can cause little harm in the
auditorial (March). For me your hands of sincere and earnest
statement is real. We must be devotees, and in the hands of
willing to sacrifice Isaac to skilled practitioners, can do
be free -- our firstborn and be- a tremendous amount of good, I
loved. Also, unless it is real also believe that it is only
for me, I a m not wearing the one step on the way up (whereSEEMLESS garment. but one with over up is).

Seems in it made to fit varying Those devotees up on the
bodies (consisting of others' mountain probably save face by
thoughts). In sewing, the dress saying that their prayers saved
that fits best is one cut on the world from destruction.
the bias, and so it is in the The Hindu believers are saying
field of opinions, this right out loud in public,
"So many shepherds are too. I never d id take much
calling on radio and T-V that stock in the literal translathe sheep are getting confused, tion of the astrologers. Ido
and one by one drifting away , believe there are tremendous
Consequently, more 'sheepskins' upheavals taking place on othre required before one can er levels we are not so aware
lead a flock, and so it goes.., of as we are our own physical
"Drs. Blanche and Richard world. But even these are open
Pritchett have moved out of to skepticism. I am open to
Lakemont, Ga., to parts un- proof and conviction, but I'm
known. The Marcap tradition a hard-headed old fossil. I
doesn't seem too different from try not to reject nor accept.
the Scientology or Dianetic "In my daily work I'm so
pattern. Distance lends en- busy that I have little time
chantment. There is one differ- for 'analysis' so I use my
ence, however, and that is that daily experience as a means of
L. Ron does not claim a heav- OrocessiHg I try to incor

enly guide. porate them into my `total ex"Maurice and Mary Radell perience', which in turn seems
are coming by with their Sci- to add to my overall underentology Bus. and I look for- standing. I also `believe' that
ward to seeing them. While they this is only a way-station or a
park here we will both look at crutch until I gain better unPoints of View, derstanding. Then there prob"Louis's understanding of ably will not be any necessity
the 1 a t i h a n surprises me , for 'experience'-there will be
Watching or listening to others only understanding whatever
is not the goal, as I see it, that may be. Frankly, I don't
I am reminded of Dr. Wm. Bid- care whether I 'know' what
well, a Naturopath of some- this is or not. I'm living each
time, who says to me, 'No use day as fully as I know how.
talking seriously to anyone Trying (?) to understand as
until he gets his guts emptied, fully as possible. Maybe the
I put them on the high colonic word should be `Aware' o r
first, then talk to them la- 'Awareness'. Doesn't make much
ter.' When Doc puts them on the difference what word you use,
high colonic he doesn't watch or concept, or viewpoint, o r
them, nor judge what they need what-have-you.
to discharge. He just lets them "I've lived so much of life
discharge what they are full as an `intellectual accumulaof. And so it is in the lati- tor' that I find it difficult to
han as I experienced it. No just be aware of experiencing.
spiritual leader of the new age I find that I'm straining it
judges what I need to let go thru my accumulated data and
of. And from my experience in this creates great and considDianetics and Scientology, en- erable distortion. To put aside
grams are rarely run in si- alI this hard-won data is diflence. ficult to say the least. Think
"There is the sin-seer, and of all that effort spent in a
the sincere -- one points out needless activity!
and the other lets. I feel you "If we could look at any
belong to the latter, oh you experience without a spaceperpetuators of Aberrees, but time orientation, what a wonwe all fit both categories, derful experience that would
don't we?" -- Alberta Elliott, be. No conceptual orientation,
Greenville, S. Car. no preconceived ideas. La! Comes
0 0 0 the Revolution!" -- Russel Raggard, Los Angeles, Calif.
"Truthfully speaking, Sci- 0 0 0
entology cannot be 'downgrad- "We are enjoying our subed'. It is already at the bot- scription to The ABERREE more
tom of the heap in my book, tho and more. The article on J. Ron