Volume 4, Issue 5, page 5

Q. What will be the ultimate result on world affairs meof the recent shakeup in the
A. Vast changes in China;
political setup of China
will change. Nehru will be
pushed off his foundation.
Ensuing world confusion in
U.S. and England, for and
against. Great uncertainty.
Greatest effect in China.
Detached satellite will result. Six months from now.

Q. Has the United States a
devastating new weapon, so destructive that only the vaguest hints have penetrated to
the heads of other governments?
A. Yes. New weapon known
by other governments. Within next 2 months public
will hear about it. Russia
has already tested this 14 Theta AT,
A Peek Behind
months ago. Gave Russian threat to our
Army necessary push and inflation fo
power to instigate recent years?
change. A. I m b a l
must watch th
Q. will the Nationalist and demand. Lc
government in China (on For- ing of extreme
mosal survive and for how long iness with r!
and under what conditions? one will come
A. Cannot survive, will Q. Are there
dwindle out. No active help to what party
from U.S. England will also dent of the U.
attempt to help but not en- and what sort
ough aid given to be effec- be?
tive. A. Third pc
Q. What is the possibility of Democratic
of a working police agreement to something
in the future between the USSR short, heavy
and the U. S. on atomic and by- years old; no.
drogen bomb limitations? ed for the pr
A. No working agreement publicans ha
possible. many mistakes
Q. Will the next armed con- Q. Will the
flict be a small or large one between labor
and will any atomic weapons be over wages and
used? and to what end
A. On l y minor matter A. Strife
will se e atomic weapons 20 years. Bot
used. Scattered affairs. change. So ma
Q. Will there be a repeat ges will aff
of the 1929 - 30 stock market and managemen
crash and if so, in what form setup will al
and will it herald a new de- Q. Will th
pression? the satellite
A. No repeat of crash. A. Not es
Uneven business instead. No developments
national depression. Supply months will
and demand still operating and basical
with greater effectiveness cepts about
due to extreme concentra- bilities now.
tion of business today. Q. Will t
Q. What about the present any air bases
r aea Bot,p a h
A. They will have to because of adjoining strife
in these areas. They will
be replaced elsewhere and
be much better. New ones in