Volume 9, Issue 9, page 18

ate to milk people of their
savings by getting them to invest in some new invention -- a
type of baby carriage -- and in
due time, John received the
spirit guidance to invest in
'some kind of perambulator; I
can't get it quite clear; I
can't hear what the guide is
saying, but put your investment
in something that rambles,'
said the minister-medium. Soon
the confederate was working on
John to get him to buy into
the new perambulator invention,
but John happened to hear of a
new car coming out called the
Rambler, so he invested h i s
entire life savings in stock
of American Motors. Soon, John
sold out for $90,000 cash, and
retired -- thoroly sold on the
validity of spirit guidance.
"John regularly attended
church, gave his 'testimony',
and soon another minister
gets a deal set up, and Joh n
receives a spirit guidance to
'buy into a white mountain',
and soon a broker is trying to
sell John on buying real estate in the White Mountains of
Arizona. Dick says he learned
of the spirit guidance 'revelations', and eventually discovered the relationship between
the medium and the broker. He
decided to cut himself in but
good! Dick looked around, found
a 'white mountain' near Phoenix, got the promotional rights
on a gold mine there 'to raise
financing for a miner to expand, etc.' Dick then came to
me, and purchased from me a
rich specimen of gold ore --
pure yellow gold sticking out
of white quartz ore -- and I innocently sold it to him. Next,
Dick goes to John, and shows
him how he can fulfill the spirit guidance by buying into this
gold mine, which just happens
to be ina white mountain. John
bought the idea, and according
to Dick , the three of them
were drinking coffee in a cafe
in Phoenix, when John simply
put $50,000 on the table, and
said he was ready to buy into
the mine. Altho the move surprised the miner and Dick,
Dick wrote out a receipt on a
paper napkin, handed it to the
miner to sign, and pocketed
$10,000 of the money as his
normal and accepted 'finders'
fee for raising capital, giving the $40,000 to the miner.
Before he headed for California, $10,000 richer, he came
to me and did a little bragging -- and that's how I learned
what became of the specimen
from my mine. John got it.
"Recently, I noticed quite
a bit of activity around the
white mountain. I drive by it
once a week. It's being mined,
and they tell me that 100 tons
daily are being shipped to the
smelter in Ajo, where they are
using the quartz for 'flux' in
smelting. They say there is no
gold in it, but the interesting point is that someone is
making m o n e y selling t h a t
mountain, by the ton.
"In reflecting upon this, I
find myself wondering what
there is about this 'John'
(and that's not his real name,
even in a fiction story). In
two cases, apparently, no one
has successfully taken advantage of him ... What kind of
charmed life is he living?
"And when someone wonders
how a Spiritualist minister
makes his living, since the
collection plate is so meager
as to barely pay the rent, I
find myself wondering... After
all, 'collecting' the life savings of one of the faithful
each year might not be such a
bad living." -- Lee Kelley, Congress, Ariz.
"Your 'Book They Blamed on
God' is the best of its kind --
and I've read them all and have
studied religion and metaphysics for many years." -- Ferne
Lasser, Spring Valley, Calif.
"Since you have made your
little magazine a more or less
personal message each month,
courtesy demands that I write
and tell you that at this time
I am not renewing my subscription to The ABERREE, but you
will hear from me at a later
date , from another address.
"In saying au revoir, I wish
to call to your attention a
matter to which I cannot urge
too strongly that you give
deep thought and meditation.
"I recall a letter that you
wrote to me in which you said
that you publish all sorts of
things, because so many people
do not know what they believe
until they read something
that they do not believe, and
that this sort of thing causes
many to begin to think. So far
as it goes, this is a fine
idea, but you have gone a little past this in giving your
readers a series of serials
that are just as dangerous as
it would be to place a lot of
very sharp knives on a low table in a nursery school. The
babies would soon find them,
and some might be badly cut up.
To put a sign on the table
would be futile, for the babies could not read it -- the
teacher might not see it in
"The first of the knives,
'The Easy Way to Psychic Development', by Lowana Julaine.

In this series, lessons are
given which, if followed, produce a state of hypnosis, in
which the subject is readily
accessible to the forces of
"The second is the gibberish
published under the title 'From
Nine to Two' by Edith Faucett.
She states that her Zora has
never been incarnated in the
earth! The Ouija board might be
likened to our telephones, any
wandering spirit can answer
the bell and all too often
does. Such entities are invariably from the low planes and
willingly spell out any gibberish that they think will be
pleasing to their callers. Why
promulgate utter nonsense, especially as the world abounds
with credible fools?
"You may feel that your
readers are sufficiently wellbalanced minds which can take
it or leave it, but you can't
possibly believe this, since
you continue to publish the
ravings of a vulgar mind called
Morris Katzen.
"The last and sharpest of
the knives is the current serial called 'Advanced Perception' with the warning, 'It's
Dangerous'. It is indeed dangerous, and dangerous to a degree that is beyond description. In common with many minds
that have been utterly disillusioned by the theology of
Christianity, you probably do
not believe in evil spirits
and have no conception of the
hordes that abound in the earth
plane at this time. Let me
assure you that they are very
real, and numerous. Belial and
Lillith are fighting Truth in
every way that they can devise.
They took over Christianity
thru their tool Constantine
and the priests appointed to
promulgate their 'unified theology', and now they are desperate because they know well
that the time is almost upon
us when the One who was called
Jesus is about to return to
visit the earth .
"Anyone foolish enough to
indulge in self-hypnosis in
any form is exposing himself
to the danger of becoming a
willing tool of Evil, and the
ones who publish articles of
instruction in the realm of
autosuggestion are making of
themselves accessories.
"There are many souls who
foolishly attempt such excursions into the 'psychic realm' ;
some are protected by their
guardian angels, but all souls
have not developed to the point
of earning such protection --
and who knows which are the
cherished ones ?...
"Take time out for a little