Volume 9, Issue 9, page 12

about and deceiving each other as to who is
the lesser of the twin evils. But as soon as
conception goes out from death, as Lazarus
came forth, there is no more battle to be
fought. In its place, another clean reactive
feed-back system starts in to return the pieces
until there is a repetition of more of the

A ''kingdom" is a spot wherein all are ingathered for a short period and then sent out
again in another dispersion. A kingdom is the
end beginning of a line that inherits, in-herit, the toppling top by divine right. DiViNe
right is a DiVe iN to the right, which ends
with a fallout down to the left. So where there
is no battle and no battleground the kingdom
of death and conception, the kingdom of Gm),
is also lost. All this has happened in the
all-point on account of wanting a "horseshoe
nail", a cheap, worthless, material blessing
from heaven, penny-wise. To be penny-wise and
pound foolish is to impound more than one's
own helical pound, more extra sensory strange
things that are helically toxic.

was once an archangel of God, but fell from
grace as the result of using his freewill to
attempt overthrow of the Creator. Obviously,
Satan's choice was unfortunate for himself as
well as mankind.

What must spiritual-man do to attain the
purpose for which he was created? He must return to Eden -- stop reincarnating, and leave
matter strictly alone. This applies to the race
that originated in Eden. As for men of earth,
they will not be interested or influenced toward the higher planes until they are ready.
All the prodding and pushing toward a spiritual goal will do no good.

Why God or the gods created the two races
of man is a mystery. Perhaps it was an experiment. Who or what God is, is another mystery ;
perhaps He is of some super-race that evolved
out in space somewhere beyond our cosmos. Not
even the spirits know where He originated. As
they tell me, when I ask too many questions,
"You don't have to know everything!"
For want of a nail, the shoe was lost;
For want of the shoe, the horse was lost;
For want of the horse, the rider was lost;
For want of the rider, the battle was lost;
For want of the battle, the kingdom was lost;
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

A NAIL is a symbol of the heliocentric feedback system that has been nailed into another solar cross that is, at once, the
death of the heliocentricity and the conception of straight-line radiations. The
end a n d beginning are one and the same
point. The nail points at which one's unending
helix is nailed to the cross are the points of
conjunction from which blood flows as flesh
and blood body when one hits the nail on the

The reactive helix of Mother Nature never,
of herself, comes to the point of stopping and
starting. She never dies out heliocentrically
and consequently she begets no lineage, no
straight-line offshoots. The words NaiL and LiNe
are consonantly synonymous. They have the same
root meaning, because they break out into
sound with the same consonants. But the nail
line can break out of the immortal heliocentricity only when some extra sensory impurity
is added to the helix. The impurity sets up an
erupting focal point of infection that brings
the helical mother to a nail-end, to a crater
creator which is an "I and the Father", the
gander-end of death and conception. The radioactive, toxic fallout from them are the blessed
events that are so frequently showered upon
the world. The zero showering point is the
NaiL NiL end, the bloody nail end.

The shoe is the built-up, erupting apex,
the shoe of the apex shoe-ing out. Shoes are
an unnatural auxiliary article, put on by hand,
that enables one's reingathered helical ingredients to get lost on another journey. So, "for
want of a nail", for wanting flashy linear
radiation, one's immortal, helical, potential
shoe is lost. When the shoe fits and is put on
in the helix, that is the first of a sequence of
ends-beginnings until an entire cyclic course
is run.

A "horse " is a vehicle that has an S-shaped
back to ride on, even as a helix is an S-shaped
spiraling that one is wont to ride on to her
very end-beginning, repetitively. But when the
end-beginning is reached and one loses his
helical shoe, his apex, his head beheaded;
then he also loses his HoRSe, HeR S that
brought him there.

The "rider" is the extra sensory impregnation, the desire that was brought to the egocentric I-point of death that always chances
to lose out to conception, the pandering Father. Death and conception are engaged in the
"battle" of the twin brothers to determine
who's who and what it is they are both lying
the King, in a chariot of ivory, inlaid with
gold, followed by his royal kindred in embroidered garments, and a long line of nobles riding
on camels richly caparisoned.

Records of the ancient world recovered by
researchers show that Adam, Seth, Enoch, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Melchizedec, David, Splomon, and all the early biblical characters
were of the Sun Cult.

Holy Bible comes from the Greek Helios Biblia, and means Sun Book. Holy Ghost and Holy
Spirit mean Sun Breath. The Bible was compiled
from the scriptures of the Sun Cult. Every
passage in it referring to man's redemption
deals allegorically with solar fire.

The Sun is the only true God, exalted
all other gods, and in it we live, and
and have our being (Jn. 17: 3; Ps. 97:9;
(Continued in the next issue)
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DEFINITION OF A CHURCH -- A wooden or stone
structure half-way between Heaven and Hell --
with locks on the door to keep out the wicked
and protect the donations of the "saved".