Volume 9, Issue 9, page 15

"Got a complaint to register. The ABERREE is not big
enough. Double its size and
price, or bring it out twice a
month and charge $4. Received
Dec. issue yesterday so last
night while my better half was
painting a picture after meal
time, I read it aloud... When I
finished I said 'Amen!' She
looked up and says, 'Is that
all ? I'm going to write the
Harts and tell them it's much
too short.' So says I, I will ,
as I thought the same. " -- 0 . F.
Troegel, Lake Wales, Fla.
(ED. NOTE -- Just because you
enjoy a glass of water occasionally doesn't mean you'd also
enjoy drinking an ocean of it,
no matter how good it was.)
"First off, I think your
covers are getting better and
better. This one (December ABERREE) I think is particularly
good .
"I'm wondering if you are
getting any indications that
the lessons are helping people.
It was my purpose to make
available the tools with which
some improvement in consciousness might be made.
"My dreams still continue
to bring me information about
the future, when I have time
to dream. Direct perception is
also useful and usually faster
and more accurate. But dreams
are an easier door for many
people to enter in. Most of
the people I work with use
their dreams for looks at the
future. They may also be used
to resolve yesterday's troubles, but this indicates the
troubles weren't handled properly during waking hours.
"You can find your particular representation in the Mystical Kaballah in the top section of the tree of life. But
it is a much-simplified representation. I was tickled by
your use of your dream, and the
suggestion, but I think that
to found a cult of any size,
you will also be required to
present some psychic ability --
which is highly obvious, and
often usable; also a rather
considerable executive ability,
the hide of a rhinocerous, and
a few other abilities not included in your dream.
"Most founders of cults also have some -- or considerable --
direct healing ability. All or
nearly all claim to be 'Gate
to God' or some similar thing.
See the history of Pak Subuh,
Baha-Ullah, and so forth.
"I gave a long and fancy
lecture to the Illinois Psychic
Society here a couple months
ago on dreams and how to use
them , d i f f e rent types and
kinds. Jung would call yours
"Just read the poem (about
the cover) which I missed the
first time thru, and I think
that it is unnecessarily unhappy, for the space ship portends good things to come as
well as bad, and each age has
its blessings and its sorrows.
A lot of clairvoyants, when
looking at the future, tend to
holler'ouch', but if they look
farther on in more detail ,
they brighten up again. I doubt
that you'll see atomic war on
the scale predicted by a direct
and violent argument between
Russia and the U.S. But I'm
quite sure there will be bombs
"I note that all the horrible things predicted by the
'grand stellium' have turned
out to be mostly weather related -- tornadoes, hurricanes,
violent extremes of temperatures, and so forth. My own
set of predictions for the year
is doing fairly well on most
counts. I still haven't been
able to get Castro to 'drop
dead', but this is the major
miss on it. Been comparing my
batting average with Louis's,
whose predictions I stuck beside my own, along with a
couple other sets from other
sources." -- Harold Schroep,e 1,
Hazel Crest, Ill.
"Just got the Dec. ABERREE,
and noted Louis' comment on
Vici Biss NOT being Amelia
Earhart. So that is that. I
only disagree in the added observation that Amelia would
most likely appear next incarnation as a man. According to
my spirit information, we do
not change sex. Anyway, it is
not known to happen, according
to my spirits' observations.
What apparently happens is
possession of a female entity's body by a male, who dominates the body. M o s t bodies

have soul mates, so it would
be impractical to occupy a
body of the same sex as the
soul mate's body. In other
words, it would cause a mix-up.
"Beware of any entity that
comes to you with a beard!
Your 'Justice' of the dream
was a deceiver, I am inclined
to believe. You were not apparently given true facts. I
think your own explanation of
the vision is the most valid
one. You are wise to keel) both
feet on the ground -- even while
dreaming." -- Rosalind John,
Norco, Calif.
"In view of reports you
publish from correspondents
complaining about harassments
from the postal authorities and
the FDA, I would like to report that I have never experienced anything of this sort.
"On November 19, I appeared
before a committee of the California state legislature which
is investigating various metaphysical, religious, and psychological concerns as being
unlicensed frauds, and raking
them over the coals, preparing
legislation to eliminate them.
"I presented electropsychometry as a completely new,
scientific methodology, not
related to conventional psychiatry, psychology, or psychotherapy. Report was well
received, no questions, no objections." -- Vo lney G. Mathison, Los An'eles, Calif.
(ED. NOTE -- How can a politician distinguish between an
"unlicensed fraud" and those
which operate under "constitutional guarantees"?)
"I've' just had time to read
a part of ABERREE received today. I like the story of your
dream. Good dreaming, good reflection, and good, rational,
honest conclusion.
"I also enjoyed Wing Anderson very much. Good heart, good
mind, and good writer.
"Alberta O'Connell tells
her story well.
"We all have our personal
myth. The problem (as Jung
said) is that we be careful
(in our reporting) to be 'true'
each to his oWn 'myth'!" --
S. F. Buckner, Oklahoma City.
"It's funny the way a little space changes the meaning
and confuses an entire explanation. I haven't checked with
my original, but in the Tommy
Snooks Mother Goose, it should
have read, 'wilt' and 'will to
0' should be analagous. The 'T'
is the masculine Tau cross ,
the helical columnar uplift
crossing the horizontal bar of
death. Tommy Snooks, who is
now the LoweRed LORD reacting