Volume 9, Issue 9, page 9

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NE OF the most complex laws of the
psychic universe, and the one which
gets more people in trouble than any
other law, is the law of cycles,
which says that you must complete
anything you start. It is also called
the law of completion. From the ordinary view of life and how short it
is presumed to be, it may sound a
little preposterous to say that anything we start must be completed. Nevertheless, this is one of the laws of the
psychic universe, and it is one of the
best ways of predicting somebody's future,
if you can see those things which he has
started and which therefore must be completed.

Before you take off on a dead run to complete your unfinished business, let me tell you
that there are several ways to complete a cycle. Not everything has to be worked out on
the physical level in the material universe.
Those which cannot be completed in physical
form, or that you do not want to complete, can
be completed in imaginary form, or as some
people call them, "mock-ups". This is by far
the best way to get rid of undesirable cycles
which are started.

As you are now, you have a number of cycles
already in motion. You can do nothing about
preventing these, since they have already begun to operate; but you have to do something
about completing them. You should examine them
and see how you want to complete them, whether
on the physical effort level in the material
universe or otherwise. Many of them were
started in your childhood, and you no longer
want their physical fulfillment. If you don't
want to reach that old goal, to achieve that
old desire, then you must remove the desire by
completing it in imagination, or you must remove it by continually duplicating the desire
until the original desire itself disappears.

Either one of these methods will work. Of
the two, for most people the duplication is
more difficult. One demonstration of duplication and how it works is to have the individual
observe some physical object in the real universe -- for example a chair -- and then have him
continually make at a high speed the most detailed mental pictures of it he can produce.
In the beginning the pictures need not be
carefully detailed, but sooner or later they
should include everything about the chair.
When he, in his own mind -- in imagination --
completely duplicates that chair in every detail, including the duration and the experience of the chair, its solidness, and so forth,
the chair itself will disappear from the real
universe, as far as he is concerned. He can
put it back in the real universe, but until he
does, if he has duplicated the chair perfectly,
WARNING -- These lessons in "Advanced Perception" are not to be treated lightly -- or delved
In by the curious for idle or questionable
goals. As the Author cautions, they're dangerous -- and it Is suggested two persons with similar Intent work as a team. One of the risks involved, Mr. Schroeppel warns, is that some who
successfully develop their advanced perception
"are going to see some things they'd rather not
see". And don't mix with any other technique,
or you may find yourself working at cross-purposes. Which is no place to find yourself, or
for anyone else to find you -- especially an incompetent psychologist or psychiatrist. They
may get the Idea you're as crazy as they are.
he will not see it in the room, even tho you
do. For him it will be invisible. This is one
way to get rid of headaches, or old goals, or
a lot of other rubbish, but it is a difficult

The other way to get rid of a cycle which
is started is to complete it in imagination.
It should be completed not only once but many
times and in several different forms. In other
words, if as a child you said to yourself, "I'd
like to be a fireman," you should in imagination complete this goal. You should be the
fireman and go all the way thru the cycle and
graduate to something else. This technique
should be applied largely to the desires that
you set up as a small child. You should use it
to avoid laying down new cycles which you
don't want to complete.

Cycles are established by desire -- by saying, "Gee, I'd like that," or "I'd like to
have that." "That car is beautiful. I sure
would like to try it." "This rose bush is wonderful. I hope I have one like it." Now, that
sort of thing, with desire behind it -- not the
very flickering occasional thought, but anything which has real desire packed behind it --
has been planted as a seed, and that seed must
grow up in some way and sooner or later mature
at some level.

This embarrasses many who are reaching integration and beginning to pick up power, because all those old seeds planted in childhood
begin to mature, and a lot of them are not
appropriate for the adult individual. He cannot be a fireman, and an engineer on a train,
and just like mother, and just like father,
all at the same time, without getting a wee
bit confused. So take a look at whatever you
are doing in present time and then go back and
examine your old desires and see if this is the
result of one which is not now suitable.

Another thing you should do: Examine your
childhood very closely and carefully for desires you started and did not complete -- old
goals that for some reason or other were diverted and never finished. When you find these
goals, pick them out and remove them by one
method or another. As your acceptance level
for phenomena goes up, you will complete more
and more of your old desires. They will come
piling in on you. You even may have to do as
some of us did: Take a little time to work