Volume 9, Issue 9, page 8

trusts called a cartel, and cartels are combining to form a common market.
3. Unity is a third purpose of the Creator.
Ultimately, all mankind will be in unity with
his Creator.
"Oahspe, the Book of Life", states, "Thy
destiny has not been half fulfilled until you
have created a universe and peopled it." If
that is true, we will all eventually become cocreators working with millions of other souls
in unity to develop love, wisdom, and power
amongst inhabitants of planets yet to be created.

Inhabitants of this planet could use a bit
more wisdom now and not acquire it the hard way.
"Three times is out -- or a hit." We have,
within the lifetime of this generation, witnessed attempts to form a League of Nations (1)
anda United Nations (2). After the coming war,
the people who remain on this earth will have
learned the hard way and will form a Brotherhood of Nations, which will be a grand and
glorious success.

The United States has done and is doing all
in its power to dominate the United Nations
and failing in that will do its utmost to destroy the U. N. The writing is on the wall but
few can read it. Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization forced, in selfprotection , the U.S.S.R. and China to sign a
similar treaty agreeing that if one were at
war with the U.S., or the NATO, the other nation would be its ally. To think that the U.S.
(which has been at war with China for some five
years, altho not a hot war) or that NATO can
defeat this combination is not thinking at all
but permitting ignorance and prejudice to determine national policies.

The United States is bucking the purpose of
the Creator and cannot possibly succeed. A review of the past history of mankind reveals
that the United States is acting in the destructive phase of the Creator and not in the
creating phase. Instead of working for the
third purpose of the Creator -- unity and harmony -- we are doing just the opposite. We divide
the world into two opposing camps and while we
accuse Asian nations of aggression, we are the
aggressors. For many years, we have had troops
and air bases all over the world -- but scream
to high heaven when we find Asian troops in
our own front yard.

The United States is in a self-created spot
and a hot spot it is proving to be.

Man is a creative animal. He thinks he is
very intelligent, but is he? Almost as intelligent as the little lemmings of Scandinavian
countries which march by thousands into the
sea and destroy themselves. If you could have
your choice, which would you have -- death by
water or death by atomic fire?
"As ye sow, so shall ye reap." It was the
U. S. that used the atomic bomb. Will we reap
what we have sown and regret it?
It is this one man's opinion that we will --
because the U.S. keeps a figurative chip on its
shoulder which is destined to be knocked off
by some nation.

Is it reasonable to believe that this nation can oppose the plans and purposes of the
Creator and not suffer for it? We can no more
succeed in blocking the march of progress than
England did when a relatively few men ushered
in a republican form.of government and a new
economy, and were rebels against the established kingly order.

We are in a new age, the age promised in
every one of the 78 bibles in use thruout the
world, a time when peace, plenty, and security
for all mankind will prevail. It is pitiful
I N THE ancient science of astrology, the Solar Orb was the Master Unit, of the Universe.
The gods of the ancient Greeks and Romans
were the same as those of other nations --
personifications of cosmic forces and elements. They called the Sun Hercules, the
Glorious, Phoebus, the Shining, and Apollo the
enemy of night and evil (1 Cor. 3:5).

The Hebrews said, "Our God is a Consuming
Fire" (Heb. 12: 29), and they worshiped the Sun
under the names of Baal, Moloch, Chemosh, etc.,
and the Moon was Ashtoreth, Queen of Heaven
(Jere. 7: 18).

According to Champollion, in the tomb of
Ramses the Great of Egypt, there Was found a
massive circle of wrought gold, divided into
365 degrees, and each division marked the rising and setting of the Sun and Stars for each
day of the year; also tables of the constellations and of their influence on humanity for
every hour of every month of the year (Doane,
Bible Myths, p. 547).

The gods and goddesses of the ancient Phrygians, Phoenicians, Babylonians, and Persians
were personifications of the Sun, Moon, Stars,
the elements, etc. Sisuthrus, the Babylonian
Noah, was the Sun in the zodiacal sign of the

The ancient Persian kings, long before the
biblical Moses, worshiped the Sun, and said,
"In it are contained all the elements of the
earth" (Hendrick, Mystery and Power of Light).
In that unknown epoch when the ancestors of
the Persians were still united with those of
the Hindus, they were already worshipers of
Mithra, a personification of the Sun. His
birthday was celebrated on 25 December, and
"no religious festival was ever more splendid
than the 'Annual Salutation of Mithra', during
which 40 days were set apart for thanksgiving
and sacrifice." The procession to salute the
god Mithra was formed long before the rising
of the Sun. The high priest was followed by a
long train of the magi, in white robes, chanting hymns, and carrying "sacred fire" on silver censers. Then came 365 youths clad in scarlet, symbolizing the 365 days of the year and
the color of the Sun. These were followed by
the Chariot of the Sun, empty, decorated with
garlands, knd drawn by white horses harnessed
with pure gold. Next came a superb white horse
of magnificent size, its forehead blazing with
gems, in honor of Mithra. Close behind rode
that we seem to have to learn the hard way
that no nation can possibly block progress.

P. S. -- No! This writer is NOT a Communist ,
nor a fellow traveler, nor a "red". Is it not
far more sane to look facts in the face than
to seek refuge in wishful thinking? A wise
man, seeing a tornado approaching, will dive
for safety, not try to disperse it with wishful thinking.