Volume 9, Issue 9, page 4

ï THE KEY number for 1963 is ONE -- thus this is the year
of birth, and with birth come new ideas, new things.
ï I SEE a food scandal, similar to the "cranberry
ruckus". This time it is milk.
ï I FEEL earthquakes in California, and the San Andreas
fault is affected.
ï I HEAR one of the popular songs of '63; it sounds
like an old hymn to me.
ï AN ASTRONAUT is to lose his life -- and this time it is
red-white-and-blue blood that will be spilled.
ï ANOTHER attempt will be made on Mr. "Beard"; I'm
afraid this time will do it.
ï THIS IS the year of tornadoes and hurricanes. It's
been many a year that they have been so fierce.
ï TWELVE plane crashes are to take many lives. 'Winter
is the key period for this, plus mountains play a major
ï MEN of the United States are going to become very
pipe conscious this year -- pipes and umbrellas will be
"the thing".
ï LADIES will go Oriental. I see much flow in their
garments, and if you see a sari going down the street,
she probably will be your neighbor.
ï A NEW STAR is discovered -- or should I say, rediscovered.
ï THE HOME beautiful magazines will go pink-nuts. Everything from soup to nuts will be in shades of pink. The
Oriental motif will be stressed.
ï THE STOCK Market will rise in January, February, and
March -- but April, May, and June look rather shaky.
ï ME"' " s~wwll-um gets a push from Madison Avenue.
ï MEN'S suits will have cuffs, plus the old blazer-type
thing will be in full swing.
ï A STRANGE and unusual train crash is going to bring
much conjecture.
ï MR. KENNEDY'S health will be the topic for a few
issues of the newspapers.
ï AN INTERESTING will makes the front pages.
ï ANOTHER suicide from Hollywood -- and this person was
so happy, they will say.
ï THE EFFECTS of radiation that "Louis " has been talking
about for years is due to receive much press.
ï SCIENCE announces a new discovery that will halt certain types of cancer. But, I've got news for them -- this
remedy is as old as the hills.
ï THIS is the year of con-men and swindles. They will
come and go. Even some "names " are involved.