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some of them out on the effort level by actu- that is stated many times in many ways in the
ally doing those things you once really desired Bible: "He that lives by the sword shall perto do. I had to spend about three years corn- ish by the sword." "As ye give, so shall ye
pleting a whole flock of cycles because I did- receive." "Do unto others as you would have
n't pull them out by another technique, and others do unto you." These are three stateyou may find the same thing. ments of the same law, and it means that everyAlso, as your power goes up, be careful thing you do must be paid for. No matter what
about desires you establish in present time, it is or how it is, it is paid for; and again,
because when a well-integrated individual in payment is collected at the convenience of the
good shape, whose psyche i s functioning well , universe. There is no "something for nothing"
makes a wish, the delivery is prompt. All he anywhere in the universe whatsoever. Nothing
has to do is say, "I'd certainly like a bouquet is without its balance, its compensation, its
of flowers like that," and to and behold! the fruit. Each seed which is planted must mature.
opportunity to buy them shows up, or somebody Each hate sent out must be returned, and so
carries them in, or they come in the mail, or must each love. All flows must balance; the
they fall out of a window on his head. By some power that you apply sooner or later will be
means, they arrive. applied to you. So in considering this, conAn individual's life should be a completed sider how to make use of it: If somebody is
unit. It should go from somewhere to somewhere going to hand me back the same as I give him,
else. It should involve certain definite tasks how can I put this principle to work for me
and accomplishments; and it should be closed instead of against me?
out clean, without a lot of loose ends hanging This is a very potent principle when you
around here and there. You can apply this al- understand how it works. It is also, as somemost anywhere: Places you would like to live, one says in a book about Edgar Cayce, "the pathings you would like to see, all the goals tience and faith of the saints." Sooner or
You set up that you want to achieve. later the fellow who cuts somebody's throat is
The universe is a very obliging place. It going to have his own cut; wait and you will
is so established that it must fulfill every see it. There is every evidence to demonstrate
request you make, no matter what it is. You this fact.
had better make sure, however, that your re- You must pay for everything you do. Now,
quests are appropriate to you, because the this does not mean that you should hesitate to
universe is concerned only with making them do things. It simply means consider whether
come out. It has no concern with whether you you want to pay the price for that particular
are comfortable with the result unless one of deed, and if you do, then go ahead and enjoy
your requests is for comfort too. If you want it, no matter what it is. But be sure you allow
something to happen which is fairly simple, for everything in estimating the price.
normally it will happen at the nearest reason- My own personal moral code is based on not
able occasion, if it doesn' t hurt too many hurting people. I will no t deliberately do
others. The more desire you put into it, the anything which will hurt any other individual
sooner you will force it into being. If you or group. If an individual is absolutely deactually want something to happen, there is no termined to hurt himself, I may then help him
power in the universe that can prevent it. out to the extent of making available to him
But in this law, the time element is an ar- what will accomplish exactly what he wants --
bitrary factor. Achievement of your desire may not what he says he wants, but what he really
be delayed somewhat, because it will be ac- wants. If this includes hurting himself, then
complished at the convenience of the universe, he may be' hurt. But the purpose of my assistnot yours. The general Yogi theory about why arce is to give him what he desires. Thereby
people are reincarnated is that they must fin- I serve the purposes of universal law and posish their cycles, since the universe has not sibly contribute to his education.
made all its deliveries to them; and the obser- Since all flows must balance, you cannot,
vation of how neatly most cycles are completed for example, stay for long periods in the fuin this life is, I think, what leads the Yogis ture without picking up the past too. Similto believe in reincarnation -- the fact that every arly, if you question a subject hour after
request must be fulfilled sooner or later. hour about his past and build up considerable
If you wish something and somebody else energy by concentrating on it, sooner or later
wishes differently, sooner or later the situa- he will overbalance and shift to examining the
tion will be bent so that both of you can have future.
your wish in some way or other. However, if There is one drill which is useful in conyour wish is directly opposed to his -- if, for nection with cycles: Take anything, a seed, a
instance, you wish him dead and he wants to thought, any object or active concept, and put
stay alive -- then what is apt to happen is that it thru a complete cycle of action. If it is a
he will stay alive and somebody just like him seed, have it grow up into a tree, put it thru
or equivalent to him in your mind (or largely all the summers and winters, blossoming and
equivalent to him) will die. The universe does fruiting, have it mature and die. Then run it
a certain amount of substituting in such cases. back down the cycle to the seed again. Do this
If the desire is tied to one particular person, a number of times. Pick up dozens of cycles
and that person is not in agreement with what like this. Take anything which has a start and
you want, you will very likely get somebody run it thru to its logical and natural concluelse who is their equivalent, but not that sion, and then start at the conclusion and run
same one. If you should want a blonde girl it thru the other way to the beginning. Develop
seven feet tall named Ann, but there is only speed on this until you can run one thru com:
one such blonde girl available at the time and pletely from one end to the other and back
she doesn't like you, you might be turned down ; again just as rapidly as thought can move. This
but it is likely that at some later time an- is not a difficult technique, but it is a very
other seven-foot blonde will turn up. She may useful one, and it is important to get an unnot be the exact Ann you wanted, but she will derstanding of it and how it works. You will
be close enough to satisfy your subconscious not get this understanding as a sudden revelsand the laws of the universe. tion. It soaks in over long periods of a xerWith reference to wishing somebody dead, cise as you learn by practice how you cause
there i s another universal law involved, one (PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 11)