Volume 9, Issue 9, page 16

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"As for your dream , one "The ABERREE continues to

down 't have to be a Daniel to be quite a game, and since I
interpret it. God, called Justice, is exactly that. God is

the zero end of the helical each issue is fun.
feed back system, the solar "It is a pleasure to hear
deity radiating out his divid- thru your magazine what this
ed blessing in straight lines. one and that one are feeling,
The only things that one can thinking, and doing.
radiate from his Zero God end The Burgin Smiths from Mi"Laura Webster is recuperating from an illness at her
home in Washington, D. C., and
Bill Joel has grounded himself
in a first-floor N. Y. apartment .
"Don' t know what Nibs (L.
Ron Hubbard Jr.) uses as a
name for what he is doing, but
it must be rather big-time. I
may get to attend at Athens.
Booklet says his father is a
retired Navy officer and lets
it go at that. And that's O.K.
with me, too. He is at least
getting his message into channels...
"Your November seance article got a chuckle out of me. I
have recently attended a few
such , and am impressed at the
reception that some individuals get that they couldn't
possibly get if they were embodied. Must make ghosts feel
good to have everyone present
acknowledge their communications, and no one contradict.
We could paraphrase, 'A prophet
is never recognized within his
own body.'
"Tho we don't (yet) start
with singing, it could be said
that processing is an attempt
to rouse the ghost (thetan) to

communicating with his auditor
without fear of contradiction.
"Out of all the experiences ,
data, phenomena, techniques,
tapes (volumes of being talked
to and at), in my game, the
greatest tools that I can use
right now are Confronting and
Communicating. By communication I do not mean just talking, but 'being in touch with'
thru any number of channels;
'being in touch with' people,
animals, things, one's own
body, ideas, or what-have-you.
And when I skim thru my museum
(memories) of Dia-Scn, I spot
a husband - wife , brother-sister, father-son, mother-daughter relationship that has been
improved thru the use of these
techniques when PRACTICED.
"And what else is living,
but relationships?
"As a youngster recently
commented after finishing some
processing, 'Gee, when I recognized that acknowledging
what Mother said did not mean
agreement with what she said,
I could then acknowledge her
and offer a response. And do
you know, now my mother really listens to me, and sometimes
even asks my advice.'
"Better relationships is,
and has been, my goal. Not very
flashy, but worthwhile.
"Despite the ruffling of the
waters in the Dia-Scn pool, I
like to ask, 'How are we doing
"Last week a Methodist minister, a friend of Dr. Harold
THibodeau, contacted me. Drs.
Harold and Billie joined the
minister and his wife for lunch
at Points of View.
"After the usual amenities,
I asked the minister: 'Sir,
will you differentiate for me
what you learned during your
two weeks at Hubbard Foundation in Washington from what
you learned in two weeks at
your Seminary?'
"Without too much of a lag,
he replies : 'I think I know
what you mean. I learned Confronting, Communication, and
the Tone Scale. I can now recognize that what I used to
consider failure can be a measure of success, like raising
someone from apathy to anger.
Now I can continue confronting
them and communicating with
much more understanding of
what is going on in them. I
would say that I got more certain tools with which to work ,
which in turn increases my own
certainty. I intend to go back
for more training as soon as I
can afford to.'
"And a neighbor of mine --
head of the Air Base Red Cross ,
said: 'I'm familiar with what
you are talking about. A young
red-haired chap gave us this
is just what one puts into it ami, who have participated in
himself. So obviously this is group processing, now live in
just Justice. Justice is just Greenville. Just met them.
ice, the coldness of death that Good communicators. Dr. Geo.
is the only means to another Crawford (remember the artihot reception of conception, cles on anti-hypnotism?) joins
Creation can come only thru us, along with Ernie Williams,
death. Creation, like Lazarus, Mary Owens, Mary Woodward, Jane
has to be called forth from Porter, and others, and the
the dead. God, the end-begin- communication is wide open and
ning, is the zero which is free.
without form and void. There We occasionally get to
was darkness on the face of Lakemont, Mandah Love's, and
the deep, on the face of the Cool Spring Acres, the O'Neal
depth of the helix, from which and Lapp group.
every mourning morning conception comes forth. He is the
zero summation in the helical
summit , the emptying orator
"Yes, your dream no doubt
was a clarification of ideas
you've had during your waking
hours. Perhaps you had just
read another Mother Goose lilt
and had a lilt with it. Yes,
'God is still All', the still
moment of the inertia of death
that comes before the storm of
borning. Yes, and 'All is still
God', as long as he lasts in
that last momentary zero end
that erupts into creation,
even as it ends...
"As for wheat grass absorbing radiations, I think there
is something more simple to
use. Cum grans sails, with a
grain of salt. It seems that
radiations can also be taken.
Just put a saltcellar in front
of the television.
"Several years ago, I think
I discovered that salt changes
the polarity of everything that
touches it. M y scientific
friends pooh-poohed the idea,
and I only had the question