Volume 9, Issue 9, page 14

cepted barriers do not exist;
they have been stricken from
the mind, which was the only
place they had any reality in
the first place."
Mr. Davis says there is no
danger in any practices and
techniques described in his
book. He says such ideas usually come from well-meaning but
unrealized teachers and writers, whose fears arise from
insufficient knowledge and lack
of personal experience.

Many interesting concepts
are presented in this book,
altho they may not be new to
the long time student of metaphysics. However, seldom are
they presented so clearly.

Mr. Davis says psychic abilities can be a block to liberation -- especially where the
student becomes so fascinated
with phenomena that he forgets
the real goal of life. He sees
no harm in using psychic powers
for constructive purposes, for
it is only when they are used
selfishly that trouble comes.
-- Sophia Tryst.
* * *
($1.00) and MOON SIGN BOOK
$1.50. Pocket books pub. by
Llewellyn Pubs., St. Paul,

In "The Basic Principles of
Astrology", an effort is made
to delineate the history of astrology, and how the movements
of the sun, moon, and planets
have guided the destinies of
humans for thousands of years.

Much of the book reads like
an advertisement subtly furthering belief in astrology --
and there is a feeling to this
reviewer that the book also
is a promotional piece for an
expensive course in astrology
which the publishers offer for
study by mail.

However, there is space devoted to the zodiac, and description of the four types of
astrology -- natal or genethliacal
astrology, mundane or judicial
astrology, physical or natural
astrology, and horary astrology. Except for showing where
to place the zodiac signs, and
why they are positioned thus,
the beginning student of astrology would find "The Basic
Principles of Astrology" a bit
too basic to take him far in
acquiring knowledge of the art.
"The Moon Sign Book for
1963" is a different type of
publication, and seeks to foretell, as shown by astrology,
what is in store for the world
this year -- and it's not good!
Tension, a further shift toward socialism, a continuing
menace to the President's life
(F. B. I. -- Please Note!), and
playing a prominent role will ,
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DEAR LOUIS -- We have noticed
the unusual vitality you have.
Recently, we saw you read until three in the morning, and
you were still full of pep.
What's the secret? -- P.D., San
Francisco, Calif.

DEAR FRIEND -- As you know, I
go 12 to 16 hours each day,
and at times I've gone around
the clock. I have no special
thing I do other than my magic
cocktail, and at this point, I
ought to say, send me one dollar and I'll send you the formula for same. But here it is:
The juice and grated rind of
one lemon (organic), 1 tablespoon organic unheated honey ,
and a tablespoon of fresh butter. Mix these in a cup, and
pour into a coffee cup one cup
of hot water; drink this cocktail and in 10 or 15 minutes
you can lick your weight in
wildcats. And it will stay with
you for a number of hours.