Volume 9, Issue 9, page 7

U. S . Blocking of `Plan' Decried
Figurative "Chip on Shoulder" Threatens
Nation as World Moves Toward Affiliation
Essene Mystic
N ALL the acres of newsprint, maga- yond. Pour some soda, an alkali, into a vessel
zines, radio news, or T-V, one fails of vinegar (an acid) and observe. The result
to find one thought or word devoted to will be formation of gas with violent agita basic principles governing world af- tion. The acid cognizes an opponent in the albrought togeth
fairs. Science informs us of Neander- kali and, if the mixture is confined, an extions -- but man and other races of extinct plosion will follow.
mankind, of their low intelligence,
knows that water is HO, or two
animal-like forms, and pre- civilnce parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.2 Two gases
together combine to form a liquid and
tion5 -- but science seems to have lit- prove the affinity of one for the other.
tle or no interest or concern about As we observe life (and everything that
the plans of the Creative Intelligence moves is alive at some level of creation), we
that created mankind, pertaining to the note ever-widening consciousness as life pro future of man. Mankind, at birth on earth, gresses from the mineral thru vegetable, aniis an animal. When the time comes that mal, and human kingdoms.
man ceases to exist on earth, it is teas- If we consider the development of consciousam
onable to assume that he will have become development from sel lf-cc onscioousn ess, family
godlike. consciousness, tribal, city, and world nationlb observe world affairs or to seek under- al consciousness, to the next step, objective
standing of why an epidemic of wars, revolu- world-consciousness.
tions, and chaos are prevalent in the world It was not long ago that a man was a Roman,
today, is like watching the froth and ripples a Trojan, or an Athenian. Today a man is an
on a river's surface with no curiosity as to American, an Englishman, a German, or a "red"
the river's path or termination. devil -- a Communist -- a Russian .
If we seek understanding via world relig- Our great-great-grandchildren will be citiions, we will find a trinity expressed in some zens of a Brotherhood of Nations, a World Citform. In Christianity it is Father, Son, and izen.
Holy Ghost. In an Eastern religion we find the 2. Affiliation is observable in its embryo
Creator expressed as Creator, Sustainer, and state in the mineral kingdom. Mankind learned
Destroyer -- which is far more rational than the centuries ago to separate the desired metal
Christian concept. from the ore in which it was found. Of late
The Creator is ONE in fact -- but wherever we years we have learned to recombine iron into
look we note that He-She is always three in many types of steel by affiliating the iron
aspect. with vanadium and other metals. We bring variTime is a concept of past, present, and fu- ous metals and other minerals from their native
ture. Man is a product of male and female, or embryonic affiliation with other members of the
the neutral between positive and negative. In mineral kingdom into selected members, thereby
space we have down, here, and up -- or a here aiding in the progress of mineral life from
separating two directions. more or less uselessness to a high state of
Every man who creates or accomplishes any- usefulness to higher forms of life.
thing, either good or bad, has a purpose. In the vegetable kingdom, we have witnessed
without a purpose he is a drifter and accom- Burbank and other pioneers working with vegeplishes nothing. He is the neutral between the table life and affiliating such with selected
three types of man -- the builder, the do-noth- types to produce a new form of vegetable life.
ing, and the destroyer. Unfortunately, our na- The many new fruits and vegetables developed
tion seems hell-bent on the road to destruc- by Burbank and others prove mankind's role in
tion, and it is destined to lose the coming selection, rather than chaotic affiliation in
hot war, because it is in opposition to the the vegetable world.
plans and purposes of the Creative Intelli- Similar accomplishments occur in the animal
gence that created and sustains, not only our world, for by selective breeding the kind of
earth with its mankind, but the cosmos with an animal desired by man is produced. A breed its untold billions of planets on which we er does not develop a race horse by an affililive. ation of a draft horse with a fast, sleek mare.
Just what are the purposes of this First The ameba is a one-celled bit of animal
Cause? As He-She is always three in aspect, it life. In higher forms o f life, single cells
is reasonable to assume that there exist three affiliate to form organs and organs affiliate to
major purposes. Observation and a bit of ana- form the organisms of animal and human bodies.
lytical thought should reveal them. The economic world is a history of affilia1. Development of consciousness. tion. At first man produced his needs in his
2. Affiliation. home. Soon he was crowded out of the home into
3. Unity (harmony). small factories. The factory developed into an
1. Mind, which is the ability of life to industry and soon various industries were af maintain contact with its environment, is in filiating into trusts. Today, most major needs
all creation from the mineral to man and be- are produced by a combination o r union o f