Volume 4, Issue 7, page 18

continuing to promote the pro- 1952 tapes. A
gram while ignoring and, where material but
possible, suppressing evidence come familiar
that it is neither safe nor points express
genuinely efficacious,
"Fluoridation is of proven old Thibode
harm and is cumulatively pois- S. caronous.
"These same forces have ed • in
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used the same tyrannous meth- Newcomer in
ods with the Salk vaccine, The Peek BE
" U.S,Public Health appoint- Veil certainl
ments are regulated by A.M.A. according to
politics. We don't have a U.S. thing is build
Public Health Service. It is we can see OVE
an A. M, A. public health ser- a number of
vice with approximately 2 bil- tinned in that
lions of the taxpayers' money confirmed . The
in '53 compared to 19 weapon thing
million in '27...

Russia had to
"These forces are only in terested in billion dollar agago! more pe
contracts from the federal were in char
government for material renie- Pravda! Most
dies and drug the public with the least. I
so they won't resist further that secret
attempts to extort more monies
to enshrine themselves in big- being develo
ger ivory towers. knowledge of
"These are the forces that in fact, any
work ceaselessly to discredit world! The Sou
any methods that will make in- also ties in.
dividuals healthy by drugless " Enclosed
means; teaching them to depend newsletters I
on their own inner resources time to time..
so that they don't have to and are suppo
continually pay tribute to the from those w
vendors of materia medics, to worthy cau
They are the philosophers of These news let
materialism and conspirators of interest to
against the layity, influent- about "flying
ing the people to •legislate the like.) GI
against their own interests to live off i
under the guise of beneficence "A friend
to mankind... lent my borrc
"Norman Vincent Peale, au- Aberree state
thor of the best seller, 'The Page 21 was
Power of Positive Thinking',
recently commented on some very S 0 M
interesting statistics. He
stated that 5 years ago Ameri- A person
cans swallowed nightly 11 milpersonally
lion pills to induce sleep ar tificially. Two years ago it tropsychome
increased to 13 million and REFRESHING
last year 22 million between recorder. R
the time T- V sets were shut used withou
off at night and alarm clocks
the next morning. In addition, PRICE $
there were 13-million pounds OR -- fre
of aspirin taken daily! g
"Recent research is reveal- tapers good
ing that much insanity and re duction in I.Q. is due to chem- order total
ical poisoning of the brain. HOW
"The testimony of a past This is
congressional investigating your first
committee on the use of 'chem- pies: "John
icals in food products' indi- fore, show
cates that there are carceno- married cou
genic or cancer-producing facand John".
tors in chemicals used all the Enclose $1
way from insecticides and chem ical fertilizers on the farm other items
to the dyes, preservatives, will be enc
flavors, etc., in items sold
us in grocery stores...
"Thanks for the info on the 12
an et yt e a s d i a sp t g r h s o do
lot of fantastic dirty old 1 .1 ."-John MaCoy,
I'm happy to be- Corpus Christi , Texas.
with the viewed." -- Dr.J. H ar , Myrtle Beach, Working with
cially interesticle by Thela
the last issue. FAITH
hind Tomorrow's
pictures things
the way every ing llp aS f aT aS is the tiNe ofa free book
r here. Al ready , given away to all who write
the things men issue have been in asking for it (Please include
new devastating roc for postage and handling)
nd the fact that +
ted it 1'i months LEARN the principles of Faith
not have been used by our students, who haw:
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mpressive to say 1/y6wk,d~rwtt/
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overnment of the
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are a couple of e4aiiy
send out from +
^ They go out free Leam how YOU can use the power
ted by donations of Faith to do similar things in
o like to donate
es . ( ED . NOTE -- Your life from the practical
ters should be principles in this freebook
anyone curious
saucers" and H U M A N
ad I don't have
f mine to whom I ENGINEERING
wed copy of the INC.
that he thought
the best . That Brno 117 R Fairhope, Alabama
alized SLEEP-INDUCING loop tape. Made for you
by Volney G. Mathison. inventor of the Electer and the Presleep Tape system. WILL INDUCE
SLEEP IN ANYBODY! Can be used on any tape
equires no changes or attachments. (Cannot be
t a tape recorder.)
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a personalized tape. You are addressed by
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with order, or request free with $6 order of
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