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ated especially for each other -- to belong to- Cayce, this land existed approximately 20,000
gether forever and ever. years ago. It might be more accurate to say it
This red race in the spirit should have ceased to exist at about that time. How long it
been -happy. They had everything to make them was in existence before the deluge is a quesso. However, they became increasingly curious tion. More and more, scientists are coming up
about the material creation in the plane of with data that seems to point to the extreme
lower vibrations -- the earth, proper. They found antiquity of man. Some estimate we have dwelt
they could do a bit of creating o n their own here more than 100,000 years, and in the July,
and some of the huge monstrosities were the 1962, FATE, is a story of a human fossil probresult. They found they could make these crea- ably 14 million years old found in Africa. The
tures, take possession of them, and in this way red race seems to have originated from Atlanexperience the strange feeling matter gave tis. Segments of this race migrated to different
them. But they could not enter the earth bodies parts of the world prior to the last convulsion
of the human race, or incarnate out of their of the continent. The Incas, the Egyptians,
element. So they kept on experimenting until the American Indians, the Mayans -- are thought
they had clothed themselves with physical bod- to be the direct descendants of these migrants.
ies they could use for a time. They literally Proof of this is visible in the similarity, or
"clothed themselves" with the skins of ani- almost identical structures, such as temples
mals" (i.e., took on flesh). One form of this in Egypt, the Mayan temples. and the pyramids
is known as materialization in the seance of South America and Mexico. These people were
rooms today. Having accomplished materializa- copper-skinned, dark-haired, and dark-eyed.
tion, they found they could not hold these They all bore similar features -- the noble probodies together for long -- they disintegrated! file, prominent nose and cheekbones, broad
So they hit upon a plan. It was then that the shoulders, and fine physiques. The American
Sons of God wed the daughters of men. In other Indian, branded "savage" by the Europeans who
words, they forgot their own soul mates in came conquering, is actually remnant of the
their mad infatuation for the substance of the proudest race ever known to earth.
material plane, and while in materialized bodies , Let us see what Edgar Cayce has to say about
they mated with the humans of the gross physi- this. He agrees that the Atlanteans were the
cal earth. Later, when the resultant infants first race of Adam (red); that they were creatwere born, they reincarnated in these bodies. ed in Eden (Paradise), but immersed themThus they could live in matter for a longer selves in matter (according to Cayce's " Atperiod of time. lantis"). Some mated with animals, and took
However, there was a penalty for this -- they on animal-human forms, were the "monstrosimust die much sooner than would have been the ties", but the pure spirits took on perfect
case of the gross human body unmixed with the bodies. In my spirit communications, this
higher vibration of the spiritual beings. Once information was given to me with some varialocked in these lower-type bodies, the spirit- tions. One differing opinion is: Cayce denied
dwellers feltcut off from God, and it became that animals have individual souls; spirit
increasingly difficult to remember Paradise communicators give us the information that all
from which they had come. The only way they life is continuous -- animal as well as human --
could return to their homeland was to die! even plants have spirits, or there would be no
Yet, the material element of which they were LIFE in them. The difference in the various
composed fought for survival on the earth and forms is: Humans and animals have individualtended to reject thoughts of a hereafter. Tho ized spirits that live on the psychic plane
the indweller wished fervently to return to after death. Plants, trees, and other living
his former state, he found himself a prisoner things of that order have spirit essence too
to matter. It was this inner desire to return and go to the psychic plane. But while a plant
to Eden that originated the various religions can love and feel loved, it has not the type
and the vast temple systems thruout the world, of intellect a human or animal possesses and
This brought man closer to God and gave him a is of a different life-form. Insects and the
promise of paradise, or a return to his former lower animal-forms do have intellect. They do
state. survive, but are not the pests they are here.

It must be remembered, tho, that our race This is due to purely material reasons. They
of men were not reincarnated spirits from the also reincarnate quite rapidly.
higher planes, but belonged to the earth. These What was the original reason for creation?
people, of necessity, are of a different evo- As Cayce put it, we were created to be "comlution that does require life upon the earth panions to Him" But, in giving us wills of
in a material body. For these, there is no our own (what fun would it be if we were a
urgent need for the religious life nor a belief race of puppets?), we were endowed with attriin a paradise that to them was never a reality. butes that, also, proved to be our undoing.
These must, instead, advance step by step thru Spirit beings say the main reason for creation
matter. (This is more of a soul-unfolding pro- was for the happiness of the Creator and the
tess than a matter of perfecting physical created -- no other reason, evolution and spiribodies.) They do spend some time in the spirit tual advancement theories to the contrary. Orworld between incarnations, but are not happy dinarily, just living and being happy seems to
there and always return to the lower plane as be all there was to the PLAN. Then Satan began
soon as possible. Eventually, these humans of putting ideas into our minds and this produced
earth will graduate to the higher life -- but it all kinds of by-paths and complicated superwill take time. (Many have graduated long structures we think we have to surmount.
since, but new souls come along.) In the event Incidentally, Satan is a real entity -- tho
this world were destroyed, they possibly would one might generalize and call him an accumulago to another material planet and reincarnate tion of adverse or negative forces, generated
in the life forms there. But the spirit-born into one huge power for evil. Evil is lack of
race would occupy a spiritual-type planet or good -- something that causes pain rather than
the higher planes of a physical world just as pleasure. Pleasure-seeking results in pain if
they should do here. it is a negative sort -- adverse to the law of
of the most advanced civilizations of love. Love is sharing and caring for others.

Who created Satan? One version is that he
this earth was Atlantis. According to Edgar (PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 12)