Volume 9, Issue 9, page 2

i If there were some " right
ears burning" in the metaphysical field the other night, it
was because Neva Dell, Hunter
was in Enid, and we were trying
to learn as much as possible
about our contemporaries from
one who knows most of them as
well, if not better, than we
know our neighbors. It was
fascinating to hear first-hand
about persons behind such names
as Roy Eugene Davis, Mandah
Love, A. L. Kitselman, Marcus
Bach, Einstein, Bertie Lilly
Candler, Tom O'Neil of PSYCHIC OBSERVER, the "inside" on
the Chesterfield Camp expos,
Zoe Rolfs, formerly of Parastudy, and her ex-husband
George Nickerson, some of the
"Flying Saucer" warriors, such
as Dan Fry and Wayne Aho, and
a flock of other teachers and
leaders of whom we hadn't even
heard previously. Neva Dell is
a "channel" (she doesn't like
the term "medium"), and "teacher of mysticism", with a specialty of "karmic life readings". She was en route from
her home in Monroeville, Penn.,
to Los Altos, Calif., with a
holidays stopover in Alamogordo, N.M... I Traveling with her
was Ray Strain, brokerage firm
employe from Nashville, Tenn.,
who was taking a vacation, and
in his hurry to absorb the
fascinating subject of metaphysics, "ALL in the FRACTION
of ONE LIFETIME", had adopted
Neva Dell as his "guru"...
1 Things will get much worse
before they start getting better, Wayne S. Aho, of Toledo ,
Ohio, told a group gathered at
The Editor,
Wayne Aho
Photo by
Chas. Rhoades
With the Able
Assistance of
Velva Joe
the Subjects
the Charles Rhoades home in
Oklahoma City recently. Wayne
is on a speaking tour in behalf of establishing more "New
Age" centers to prepare for
the changes ahead for all of
us. These changes, Aho claims
-- details of which were presented to him in a series of
visions -- will begin in 1964 --
with the "Great Cleansing under spiritual kingdoms" occurring between 1967 to 1980, during which there will be migration of millions toward the
northwest. After 1980, those
left will enter the "true age
of space " -- with trips, schools,
and the like "out in space".
Aho spoke only briefly of his
claimed dozen or more sightings of "flying saucers", and
told of his efforts to get recognition for these visitors
from afar from the official
monkeys who "see no saucers,
hear no saucers, and tell no
one about saucers ". Asked why
space visitors didn't make themselves known to more persons,
thereby thwarting the policy
of official denial and silence,
he said the public isn' t
ready for such revelations,
and mental wards already are
too crowded for the sudden inflow that would follow general
discovery that ships really do
come to earth from far-off
worlds. All the way home from
Oklahoma City, the publisher
kept peering thru the windshield with tired sleepy eyes,
hoping one of the craft would
make an appearance -- but none
did, despite the fact she promised faithfully not to add her
presence to the mental ward
burden in case one showed...

Bob and Tido Churchill of
Phoenix., who probably remain
more loyal to the concepts of
old-time Dianetics than most
other book- and class-auditors, are still making "discoveries" -- which isn't difficult to do in Dianetics; even
the "discoverer" has wandered
off into some strange discoveries since his original "sensation". We might suggest that
had the "field" been encouraged
to do research rather than accept one man's findings as the
ultimate, Dianetics might have
-- But such speculation leads
only down the goalless road of
nostalgia, and it's still not
too late for independent operators and students to divorce
themselves from control and
retread certificates. However,
getting back toBob and Tido,
they write that they have recently found some devastating
implants installed during the
1918 influenza epidemic -- implants still very much in effect -- and appeal to other auditors wbo might have ANY data,
obtained during auditing sessions or otherwise, to communicate with them. Their address
is 8608 North Central, Phoenix. Ariz...