Volume 5, Issue 9, page 8

demic is to hit the country, farming will
be at a downgrade, shortage of food for
the people and feed for the stock. Crimes
of all kinds in religious, and educational
institutions is seen.

Deceit by a high government official
will be discovered, bringing about quick
dismissal, followed shortly by his suicide. Nuclear weapon testing will be temporarily halted for awhile, but will be
resumed again. USSR is out to protect her
own interests, and is not too fussy about
opinions. Still, Russia is not too eager
for war. She has found she can grow more
rapidly without the use of cannons.

Transportation will be hampered to some
extent, but her laboratories are humming
with excitement over some experiment in
process, and from which she will benefit
considerably. Their scientists are of the
best, and take pride in their contributions.

JAPAN is in a sad plight. There are signs
of unfavorable foreign affairs, also depression in both light and heavy industries, with unemployment and curtailment of working hours. Japan's largest
labor organization will stage a largescale strike for wage increases, and to
force a minimum wage system. Forty-five
Sohyo affiliated unions will demand normalization of relations with Red China.

Better and increased appropriations
for improving roads are indicated. I see
better relations with USSR, Arab countries, and Great Britain. The existing
suspension of trade with Red China is
causing heavy economic losses to textiles,
sewing machines, bicycles, kitchen utensils. This means 30% to 40% lower prices
that business is suffering -- a serious
problem for Japanese merchants.

Crimes of all nature shall occur. More
than 6000 all-night coffee shops in
Tokyo will be closed because of this wave
of crime. Her youth delinquent problem is

INDIA India still has considerable difficulty in her dealings with foreign
powers. The Government feels that it has
been badly let down in matters of foreign
help which had been expectantly awaited.
It will be forced, by pressure, to deviate somewhat from its policy of strict
neutrality, and a declaration to this
effect will be made.

ISRAEL Success is seen in the decision
made by the Labor Party on the
reform of the C.O. Index. The storm which
will be raised by the minority labor parties (Mapam and Ahduth-Avoda) will soon
blow over. Great difficulties arise between workers and industry, as well as
between the Government and civil servants,
leading to a long strike. A long and serious epidemic is seen, which will take
many lives. Government spending will be
under fire. Scandals in connection with
religious persons will lead to much agitation. There will be an outbreak of
fires and accidents in amusement places,
cinemas, concert halls, educational buildings, and religious institutions. Municipalities, l o c a l councils, s h a l l be
troubled by scandal, also philanthropic,
social, and charitable institutions.

ALGERIA Algeria's new political formula
will bring much improvement. She
will enjoy a greater measure of independence not heretofore enjoyed. This to be
sure will bring rejoicing thruout the land
as well as neighboring states, which also
will benefit by the carnival spirit which
will prevail.

A dignitary froman adjoining country
will be feted not only by the Government,
but popularly acclaimed by the man in the
street, as well. His presence will be opportune for cementing international relationships thru top-level agreements and
new alliances. A large amount of money
will be in circulation, which will give
work to the unemployed, and increased salaries, leading to a new political experiment. Rebel activities will not decrease.

EGYPT A vigorous press campaign is marring Nasser's prestige. To offset
this slight to his dignity, Nasser will
make. a drastic change in policy, which
will bring him cause for regret. His
tours will be fraught with hazards.

DENMARK King Frederik should have a care
for his own welfare as well as
that of his government, which is trying
the patience of his people. An organized
group is already in position to be a serious threat to their security. Considerable strife is at hand.

NORWAY King Olav is somewhat more stable,
altho his parliament will witness
violent disputes. His government will encounter trouble and obstacles, including
violent strikes in many fields.

MEXIGb is exceptionally blessed because
of its great progress in recent
years, plus the fact that it has uranium
resources to develop. Discovery and exploitation of uranium, which is on the
horizon,will be fruitful. Temporary labor problems will arise, and be met favorably.

MOROCCO The King will find himself with
great power, enhancing his prestige among the great powers. Military
dispositions will again engage his attentions, and his country will come in for
much discussion in the press.

(ED. NOTE -- In a Universe where Man has the
right to make decisions for himself, accurate
predictions are unlikely. These only can show
what future pattern has been set up by PAST
decisions, subject, of course, to NNW decisions
-- asa shifting wind can halt or speed a prairie fire. Any readers wishing to comment on
these forecasts -- whether to criticise or commend -- should write Lord Irishna, care Jacob
Apsel, 2438-A N. First St., Milwaukee, Wis.)