Volume 5, Issue 8, page 6

with rage and grief and fury.

This is not child's play, as Hubbard
said this knocking allies out.

There are four formative stages involved here, and they are modified by an
abstract phenomenon. Hubbard's great contributions are wrapped up in his clearcut analyses of the causes and effects
that create the so-called ''ally".

An auditor encounters them in reverse
sequence, altho the modification factor
might come in anywhere. In the sequence
of physical action, the auditor first
hits the lock chain that precedes the engramic moment the illness was keyed in.
Careful running of this keys it out. Half
the time he is madder than hell at the
auditor, and will spend the rest of his
life trying to get the sympathy exciter

Ahead of that key-in engram was the
loss of an ally, which may be a death
loss, or were defection -- invalidation at
a critical moment that may not even appear to be critical, superficially. This
is heavily charged with repressed emotion.
^hen patient, careful, determined auditing and distinguished effort by the preclear break up this emotional package and
discharge it, the "cure " will remain permanent because the emotional need to be
sick will go with the discharge of grief,
anger, etc. However, the chain of these
emotional charges must be cleaned up very
thoroly and meticulously, without fear:
But, of course, this isn't The End,
either, for standing back of the loss of
the ally is the incident when the ally
became, as Hubbard said, "The U.S. Cavalry, arriving in the nick of time" -- or
more simple, the action of the ally, which
may have been deliberate or accidental,
knowing or unknowing, which the reactive
mind took to be necessary to survival
thereafter. This is Top Secret material
and about as difficult to get at as the
secret files presumably stored in the
Kremlin, telling where old Smokey Joe
buried the bodies. The pre-clear will do
almost anything to keep from giving up
this secret -- even such extremes as to get
well and'go to work.

I wish I could take the 10.000 words
necessary to delineate a classic case
history of this sort, revealing how ludicrous such an ally computation can be at
its inception, and what disastrous and farreaching effects it can have in the tragic
affairs of an adult life. The phrase that
"made" the ally being a simple. "Yes, we
can thank you for saving his life."
Release this and you get an increase
in life force, intelligence, and control
of environment, and the pre-clear will
often completely renovate his way of
living. They go to new jobs, new interests, with more energy and better health
and salary increases of substantial
amounts, with greatly extended perceptions
and awarenesses.

Here is where the husband or wife who
was merely a compulsive ally-computation
gets unloaded in a hurry if they have no
desirable virtues and can't match the
challenge of a man or woman stepping into
a new and brighter phase of life. This
brings a howl of protest from the detractors who have set themselves up to denigrate Ron Hubbard, and his own divorce
from a mis-matched and compulsive marriage
was hailed on all hands in 1950 as "proof"
that he was a fraud and that Dianetics
didn't work.

Well, anyhow, linked to this formation
of the ally is a whole chain of the classical engrains -- both pre-natal and during
unconsciousness and grief incidents -- that
are pulled into restimulation by the
ally's loss and which should be dug for
and cleaned out, altho their teeth have
been pretty well dulled by this time.

Finally, as mentioned before, modifying this sequence of events that leads
people to build the juggernauts that destroy them, is the phenomena - - if you
choose to think of it so; or fantasies if
you so choose -- of past lives, and the sequence of motivator and overt acts that
extend thru and make the mysteries of
cause and effect that are called many
things in many religions, but which are
best known in our time under the name of
"karma"; which is a very real phenomenon,
even if you can't poke it with a stick
and make it jump -- and which can be resolved with Dianetic auditing.

All of these elements of the ally computation were stated clearly for the
"first book auditor". Most of them were
completely misinterpreted, or misapplied
in actual practice, even at the so-called
schools, and by so-called professional
auditors. And, it was upon the failure to
crack open the ally computation that the
failure of Dianetics must rest.

This was not, and is not, the failure
of Ron Hubbard, or his data; it is the
failure of the individual auditor and
pre-clear and of the Dianetic group to
persevere. We all got side-tracked into
wanting one-shot "pills" that relieved us
of our own responsibilities, and when the
going got tough, we gave up and ran from
one wild tangent to another, either looking for $500 week-long "intensives " to
"clear" us, or some metaphysical bosh to
further befuddle our foggy minds.
(To be continued)
Would Pope John XXIII still be a "mere"
Cardinal had the "miraculous healing properties " of the Shrine of Lourdes been
used to treat his predecessor instead of
a diary-selling member of the medical
-- -010
The less one has, the more intolerant
he is of those who haven't as much.

An accident -- An event for which no one
wants to accept responsibility.