Volume 6, Issue 5, page 14

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DEAR SIR — Mother passed
away several years ago, and
since that time I've looked
for the tiny locket she used
to wear. Can you help me find
i t? -- M. C. , Vermont.

DEAR M. -I see an old-fashioned trunk. It belonged to your
mother. Open it, take out the
contents. Now, feel around the
lining, and you'll find your
tiny locket. I believe it was
given to your mother by her
father, and has two pictures,
one of your grandmother and
grandfather. •
DEAR LOUIS -- You really have
me confused -- and I do mean
confused. All my life I uas
taught to pray to the Heavenly
Father, and I was taught that
I was praying to an actual
person. Now you come along and
I suddenly find myself thinking: Just udlo an I praying to?
Please, if you can, straighten
me out. -- M.F., Washington,D.C.

DEAR F. -- I did not mean to
confuse you. However, they do
say that confusion is a step
toward understanding, so maybe
I served a purpose. Prayer is
a very wonderful and beautiful
thing; at least, it can be.
People usually use the "Giveme" prayer or the "I've no
place else to turn" prayer.
Prayer should be of a thankful
nature, rather than how it is
used. It is a contact between
man and God -- a beautiful union
that has no one mode of expression. As to Whom you are
praying to, there is no Whom
to it; you are communicating
with everything that is or
ever will be. Think this over.
Maybe this time I'll really
have you confused.

DEAR LOUIS—All m life I
have heard others speak of God,
and I cannot believe in such a
person. Can you help me? -- Mrs.
L.S., New York, N. Y.

DEAR FRIEND -- The God con14
cept is difficult for the human
being to fully comprehend. You
refer to God as a person -- this
is where we human beings make
our first mistake; we reduce
God to human form. I call this
an "ego-satisfying concept ",
but it is far from the truth.
Another stumbling block individuals have is this matter of
a label. People go on and on
with the old argument, this is
the real name for God. There
is no real name for God and
yet there a r e many names. I
like to refer to God as The
Father -- yet this is no better
than the person who refers to
God in another way. If we think
of The Father as a creative
power impregnating everyone
and everything, then the form
idea is dissolved and The Father takes on a much more comprehensive scope. For we can
see The Father in action in
each rose, the sunrise and
sunset, and -- the power surging
within us. Actually, this is a
problem each must solve for

DEAR LO UI S -- We are a young
married couple and would like
to begin to study some of the
type of things of which you
write. Where do an start ? -- L.
and J.R., California.

DEAR L. AND J. -- Start with
yourselves, for if you really
understand yourself, you'll
find all the answers within
you. If you desire to do a bit
of reading -- to sweep out a few
cobwebs -- then begin with "The
Prophet" , by Gibran. As you
begin to think along these
lines and open yourself up,
much will come your way. Some
of it will be trash, but read
it all, and extract what you
can. Life is a wonderful adventure for two young people
in love, so walk the pathway
together in harmony, and your
rewards will be more precious
than all the gold of this

DEAR LOUIS: As of recent years
people speak sore freely of
E.S.P. and such subjects. Why
is this?- Airs. 1', G., Albuquerque, N, Mex.

DEAR FRIEND: Despite wars and
rumors of war, we have entered
into anew cycle. This cycle or
age has been given various
terms, but I like to think of
the world entering an era of
"spiritual enlightenment ". Behind us is the era of Hellfire and damnation". Slowly
man is recognizing his responsibility to himself and his
fellow man. We are starting to
realize that love is the greatest power in this little old
when he had paid out his last
spare cash for a "new map"
supposed to provide him a safe
short-cut to his destination,
he found himself at a dead-end
on a"blind siding".
"What you need," a persistent salesman told him, as he
and John stood in knee-deep
mud surveying the wreckage of
his once proud "Old 88", "are
wings. With proper equipment,
you could take off and fly to
your destination, and not have
to put up with such things as
mountains, flooded tracks, and
rickety bridges. Now, it just
so happens I have a set which
I'll be glad to install ... "
"But I have no money left,"
John wailed. "I spent my last
dime for the map that got me
off on this siding. The guy
who sold it to me must have
been a crook."
"Obviously," the salesman
agreed, "but you did buy it.
And now look where you are.
Tell you what I'll do -- I'll
sell you the wings, and take
your train in exchange. What
do you say ? "
"But what would I do with
the wings if I had no train?"
John cried.

The stranger shrugged.
"Well, at least, you could fly
back to your starting station
and pick up a new train. Next
time, maybe, you'll know better what to do ."
John looked at his locomotive. He knew he was without
fuel, because the super-duper
fuel he'd bought had given out
shortly after he'd started
this detour, and he had thrown
away so much of his original
stock to make room for the
streamlining and the herbs and
the incense. He sighed. "O.K.;'
he said. "It's a good thing I
have an understanding boss."
John was foolish, wasn't
he? But doesn't he remind you
of the person (not you or mel
who is continually buying new
fuel , new gadgets, and new
maps for a shortcut thru life?
Of course, John was facing a
lot of "unknowns" that JUST
MIGHT HAVE BEEN waiting for
him over the next hill -- and
because he had been taught to
fear t h e unknown , we can't
blame John.

But aren't you glad you're
like Bill -- who follows the
rails he's supposed to follow?
world of ours. The great Master Jesus tried to impart that
message some 2, 000 years ago.
With enlightenment and realization come expansion of concepts . Sha seed within man 's