Volume 10, Issue 10, page 9

In any event, it promises to be the hottest
and most strongly contested election yet, with
no holds barred.

Our noisy neighbor, Castro, will probably
continue to have his share of difficulties during February and early March as restrictive
Saturn is opposing his natal Sun. Not only
should signs of internal revolution become
apparent, but trouble with Russia, or because
of her, may be added to his burden, Since Saturn's opposition comes from Moscow's 9th house.

With malefics on the 7th house cusps of war
of both Peiping and Moscow's Winter Solstice
charts, we may expect not only a deeper rift
in the ideological disputes of these countries,
but it would not be surprising to see the actual outbreak of hostilities. As a matter of
fact, a complete breakdown between these two
powers is practically assured when we see that
Saturn of Peiping's 7th cusp is conjunct the
place of the Soviet's natal Uranus. We ourselves may experience some trouble involving
Alaska and the Kremlin.

Diplomatic relations (10th-5th house opposition) will be severely tried at this time,
sparked by the explosive Mars-Uranus opposition and the Sun coming into like position
with a disruptive Pluto. This configuration can
also cause much trouble in the legislature.
The Winter Solstice chart shows malefic Uranus
and Pluto both in the 8th house of death, ruled
by Mercury, which presages the death of two or
more figures of national importance -- probably
in the legislature or administration. This
same configuration in Virgo affects the masses,
causing many sudden and violent deaths, disasters, etc.

Business-wise, since Uranus is transiting
Virgo, things are on the very conservative side
and we shall probably see the 'buyer's market'
strongly accentuated. An appearance of prosperity will be striven for by the administration since, after all, it is an election year.
The administration's economizing procedures
will continue thru the spring, due to a wellaspected and thrifty Saturn tenanting the 10th
house (administration) in the Equinox chart,
and a strong Venus in the 7th house of the lunation chart indicates a period of peace and
prosperity in foreign trade. Uranus, representing Russia, is, at this time, in favorable aspect, so it would seem as tho our trade agreements with her should be favorable.
7 A fairly peaceful spring -- certainly no war
a -- despite the appearance in headlines.

DEAR SYLVIA -- I am a beauty operator but
o have always wanted to write. I have written a
few short stories and poems but never tried do
have them published. Do you think I could be
successful at this? Birth date is April 1,
1909 -- 10:30 P.M., C.S.T. M. R.

DEAR CR. -- Mercury, the writer's planet, is
ruler of your tenth house (Position of ideal
occupation) and throws good aspects to the
W planets in your money house. This indicates

profitable and successful mental pursuits such
as writing, publishing, etc. With Uranus being
one of the money house planets receiving Mercury' s aspect and also ruler of your third
house (writings, literary pursuits), it seems
a foregone conclusion that you could very well
become a proficient writer of unusual things
and profit thereby.

DEAR SYLVIA -- I have a small business and
have had a very difficult year. I an seriously
thinking of moving it to Florida but my daughter in North Carolina wants me to move near
her. Do you think I should move and if so,
which place would be best for me? I tins born
around 6 A.M., Feb. 28,1910. H.H.

DEAR H.H. -- Your natal Pisces Sun is being
opposed by the transiting near-conjunction of
Uranus and Pluto. This could well have caused
you quite a difficult time as its effects are
disruptive and separative and will continue to
be so for a few years yet. Under an adverse
transit of Uranus it is never wise to start a
new venture as misfortune is usually the result. However, that which happens naturally is
meant for you -- forced issues bring the difficulties and disappointments. In other words,
the path that is before you can be walked in
confidence but do not turn aside to untried
ventures. Florida is also ruled by Pisces and
is feeling the adverse effects of this transit
and soon will feel restrictive Saturn's influence. North Carolina, ruled by the money sign
of Taurus, is receiving the benefic influence
of this transiting Uranus- Pluto conjunction
and will also receive Jupiter's expansive influence thru April of 1965. If a move is necessary, North Carolina seems the better choice.