Volume 6, Issue 9, page 18

differently these may find expressions in print. These people who write, either for you
or for others, are all parroting the same things, in different terminologies, all
looking thru the diamond of
the truth, thru another quality of light.
"As you well know, I do not
come up the Way via Scientology, but I recognize it as one
of the new age teachings which
serves a useful purpose for a
great many souls who are attuned to the teachings which
come thru that medium... You
write much of many phases of
the esoteric, and for the interests of many seekers; you
touch upon all kinds of spiritualities -- yet it all seems
to be in a 'seeking' measure.
To me I no longer seek; because in the words of the Bible `I have found that which I
loveth, and I will not let it
go' to someone unattuned to my
knowledge, and there are many
who tread the way as I do . All
kinds of psychological explanations of the whys and wherefores of the esoteric as taught
via my Way will be offered to
disprove it. But I have SEEN
with my own eyes, and I have
experienced subjective contacts of which I do not write
or speak -- but I know of the
reality of those teachings. I
cannot ask you to read them or
pursue them or accept them --
either you are responsive or
you are not -- and therefore I
keep my silence. You have your
own path to tread, and I respect it, for all lead to one
source in finality." - -Ruth
Yerks (an A.F.Base in Alaska).