Volume 2, Issue 7, page 4

4 The ABERREE, November, 1955
is useful. (As a method of reaching the
higher levels of consciousness after
muscular relaxation has been achieved, I
think it has great value). One copper
screen is placed under the back of the
head, the second under what Eeman with
characteristic British delicacy iin the
choice of words, calls the "base of spine"
but which in some American circles is
rudely referred to as the "fanny". In
case of the right-handed person, the base
of spine screen is connected with the
right hand, the head screen with the left
hand. This is reversed if the person is
left-handed. It is good to note how well
this integrates with Lakhovsky's ideas.

Now as to results: After using this
system for one month (the word "use' means
at least one session in front of the metronome plus one hour in the circuit daily,
plus the use of sleep tapes, plus prac
tice at every opportunity of Alexander's
other ideas on integrating the consciousness) a complete reorganization of my attitudes is taking place. Now, for the
first time, I am able to see clearly how
I have been and am defeating myself. The
fear-energized negative reaction pattern
in me is in full view -- and in full flight.
The chronic anxiety, with its somatic expression, has reduced. Many hitherto
hidden incidents and attitudes have been
recovered, as a part of the "resistance"
to obedience to the commands. This I
think is true, that whatever you have
done, you have to face and resolve. This
is the easiest process I have as yet found
for handling that "face and resolve" necessity, this achieving, in my opinion,
the true meaning of the word "repent".
"Faith" as I use the word means an
action taken.

Adjunctive to these ideas are two
other processes -- zone therapy, work on
the reflex points of the feet, which I
have spent over a year investigating, and
a kind of physiotherapy which involves a
vibrating tilt board with a traction device that will gently stretch the neck
and the entire spinal column. This vibrating tilt board you can make and use
for yourself. It is well worth the effort.

I have not as yet seen another person go through this process. However I
have seen enough happen in me to enable
me to guess that the final result will be
good. Since no auditor is required, I am
completely independent of help. Since I
have nothing to sell, I do not in the
least care whether you believe me or not.
I have no missionary spirit and I am not
interested in converting the world or
even one single inhabitant of it -- except
me. Truthfully, I think of this process
as an exercise in the training of a dog.
I am that dog. And a snarling, snapping,
biting cur I am, too.

With me, these are happy days, filled
with a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of gains already present and more to
come. Each morning I used to step out'side and look at the sky and see evidence
of great beauty out there, and be cheered
by it and glad to live in a world as
beautiful as Colorado. But things have
changed. I see it as being an internal
organization within me. With this change,
even the dirt and dilapidated buildings
of the ghost towns, the tourist traps,
the muck of the mine tailings, which are
also a part of Colorado, have become
beautiful, too -- each in its own way.

Nothing "out there" has changed. But
I have.

Death of Dr. Joseph A. Winter in
an Inglewood. IL J. ruedby ~ last