Volume 6, Issue 5, page 16

cere person -- and full of love
for his fellow man. He gave
freely of himself to many
causes. Of these, two are of
special interest to you and
me: Dianetics and Synergetics.
"Few people in Dianetics
and Scientology realize how
much they owe to Don Purcell .
I think Don deserves to be
called the Savior of Dianetics,
for it was he who stood by it
during the critical days of
1953, and liquidated the tremendous debts that had accumulated in an honorable fashion. Up to the last days of
his life he was still paying
off those debts; new creditors
kept unexpectedly appearing,
and Don was expected to pay.
The fact that he did enabled
the founder of Dianetics to go
on creating. Later, when the
dust had settled, Don gave the
Dianetic Foundation back to
its founder -- a gesture that
was duly acknowledged and appreciated, to its founder's
credit. This was an act of
both material and symbolic
"Don also gave freely and
wonderfully to Synergetics. He
published the first book on
Synergetics ; served for as
long as he could as the general manager of Project Nucleus; continued to help publish
CHANGE until the end of his
life; published 'Group Tracking' and all the Synergetic
'do-it-yourself' kits; wrote
articles and pamphlets and in
ways too countless to mention
he was always there, ready and
willing to help to the best of
his ability.
"He was a tremendous worker. He was a man who loved his
fellow man." -- Art Coulter,
Columbus, Ohio.
"It is now 1!% years ago that
I first became acquainted with
Exultation of Flowers. I saw a
reference to the preparation
in a British quarterly, VEGAN ,
a publication that obviously
enjoys a small number of subscribers. I requested that a
2-ounce bottle be sent to my
daughter who had just returned
from Peru, South America. She
was suffering from nephritis,
which her doctor stated was
irremediable. Altho some improvement was obtained by the
use of Dr. Royal Lee's vitamin
products together with organically grown raw f nits and
vegetables, it was not until
my daughter had used the E/F
that amazing results developed.
My daughter called me long
distance with the exclamation:
'Daddy, what in the world have
you sent me? I have never en.loyed such a degree of health
since my school days. But as
happy as I am over my well-being I am truly grateful for
the children's health. I have
been giving them a few drops
on their tongues twice a day --
it is truly wonderful!' My
daughter has five children,
ranging from 2 years to 10, and
they are as fit as possibly
can be, thanks to K/ F .
"E/ F has been very helpful
to my eyes. Heretofore it was
necessary to use glasses to
read and my eyes bothered me;
conjunctivitis, they called
it. I place a drop in each eye,
standard strength, morning and
night, now for the past year.
Eyes are perfect today and I
do a lot of reading without
glasses and believe in time I
can discard them entirely. I
am a septuagenarian, but fellows 30 and 40 years old find
it difficult to keep up with
me in the hills, especially
since the advent of E/F'...
"Several people who a r e
interested in Subud have written Alick McInnes and Elizabeth
Bellhouse, in Braeface, (Scotland1, (the makers of Exultation of Flowersl inquiring if
they are, in any way, connected with or associated with
Subud, pointing out that they
have recognized a similarity
in the two respective religiophilosophies." -- C. M. Vrang,
Culver City, Calif.
"I am practically a newcomer to your magazine... believe its aims and objects to
be sincere. This was more shown
to me when you printed the article, 'Godin the Form of Man'
by Jacob Apsel. But my letter
to you may have given some
wrong ideas in respect to myself. By my letter I wished to
show a quality that is so much
needed in respect to an editor. Few readers would agree
with that idea of Mr. Apsel ,
but to him it is truth. There
lies an important point. And
in every respect, he has the
truth, as has every human.
"As I see it, Truth is a
vast ocean. It is consciousness. No more, no leas. But
there are degrees of Consciousness, and the ultimate on this
earth is what we have come to
refer to as the Christ Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness, where one may say, 'I
CONCERNING SUBUD. J.G.Bennett - $3.95
THE PATH OF SZJBUD, Husein Rofe- 3.00
255 Seventh Avenue
New York I, N. Y.
and my Father are One'. Therefore, it is a necessity for
all readers, and writers, in
particular, to bear the spirit
of tolerance, seeking not to
condemn, but rather to understand the state of consciousness of his brother man ...
"The world is badly in need
of understanding. It begins
with individuals. We are all
reaching for a point, but our
ways are different. Yet it is
the same point for all. And we
can get much closer together
if we begin to understand, and
then try to express ourselves
by proper definitions and
terms... We use many words too
lightly and unthinkingly, or
hastily, or perhaps it is a
subconscious pattern. I notice
this in many writings, and yet
I know the writer knows better. For instance, the words,
Jesus Christ, a very common
expression; but does it not
carry the idea that Christ is
a surname? Then why use it?
Christ is an OFFICE, or a high
state of consciousness, and
Jesus of the Gospels simply
means no more nor less than
Wisdom Triumphant. For t h e
greater part of the Bible is
mythology, the New Testament a
fabrication , an d the Jesus
here mentioned is the ease, or
Tesse, or vital fluids of man.
So, as I believe that very
many readers know of this, may
I suggest that in any of their
writings, they express themselves thusly: The Gospel Jesus.
"Still another point in reTHOSE WHO GIVE