Volume 6, Issue 5, page 10

defeat the purposes of those originating the
knowledge. These entities, whether in male or
female guise, whether in or out of bodies, de- The S ~\Y`I dle
pend on trickery to get the masses to do their
bidding, to destroy any champions who seek to
These controls are present today, still o e
make things better for the masses. of OhCJ!S
striving to conquer or wreck all. But there
are other controls who have and are seeking to
save all. When you embark on psychic and mental
roads to knowledge and understanding, you
start running into this battle, whether you S ABOVE, so below," said the Ancient Maslike it or not. There are codes of warfare ob- ters who developed the ageless wisdom.
served by both sides, and you have a chance to Then in the 4th Century occurred the eslearn, and stay in the background, or on the tablishment of the Roman Catholic Church,
outskirts, and determine for yourself how much and, later, the making of the Bible, in
effort you wish to expend for which side. which that statement was twisted to make
There are temptations and rewards involved it serve a nefarious purpose. The Holy Church
-- even bribes. You have to learn to recognize Fathers were engaged in building a system of
them, and what is expected in return, mass achievement for the future, and to that
With shields, you can play neutral quite a end made the Bible say God made Man in His
bit. But inasmuch as the whole game of life is image and likeness (Gen. 1: 26, 27).
involved, sooner or later you awaken and real- That statement never appeared in the ancient
ize you have been involved all along, scrolls, and it is an excellent example of a
Benevolent controls work in high-tone man- "half truth" and the dangers rising therefrom.
ner, allowing you to make your own decisions. Man must be made in the image and likeness
Malevolent controls push you for a decision, of the Creator -- and the big catch lies in the
one way or the other. Malevolent controls use current knowledge of that Creator.
"black Dianetics" tactics, are saccharine The world knows nothing about this God. The
sweet, but with no emotion. Just lip-service; masses are taught nothing about the real Creano follow-thru on promises; dangling bait be- tor, and even medical art knows little about
fore-your nose, but not sharing; take a dollar Man, the Created. The science of anthroposophy
(or more) and give you loaded literature to deals with this subject, and, for certain
suck you in on their ideas. This is not to be reasons, that subject at this time is in a
construed as condemnation of all such sales. very elementary stage.

Many a good person offers useful data and help. Science frankly admits that it knows nothYou have to bite to know the taste, and know ing of the nature of Life, or the constitution
enough to spit out that which is undesirable. of Man. This fact is conceded by thegreat
Controls are necessary, so are not to be scientist, Dr. Alexis Carrel, who said:
condemned for existing. Even malevolent con- "Man is made up of a procession of phantrols are necessary. The point is to shift the toms, in the midst of which strides an Unknowcontrol efforts up-scale to higher levels, and able Reality... It is impossible, for the
this can be done thru,enlightenment, and sta- present, to grasp the body's constitution. We
bilizing to better and better levels on an must, then, be content with the scientific obindividual basis. servation of our organic and mental activities
Malevolent controls gain power thru propa- and, with no other guide, march forward into
ganda fed to the masses, the result of which the unknown" (Man, the Unknown).
is calculated to grant beingness and money and The qualities that make Man are Life, Conenergy to their followers, who, in turn, put sciousness, Mind, Intelligence, and Vitality,
it at the disposal of the minds behind the and science knows almost nothing concerning
plot. It is trickery, not real power. Power of these. Modern physics and chemistry are litsuggestion is the prime weapon. A material tered with unsolved problems, and in the field
show of might, assets, and a mass following of biology, the weakness of science to explain
are supposed to intimidate you into knuckling anything basic is extreme.
down. However, if you are clever enough, you And yet, millions of dollars are being excan take over control of the situation, and pended in research, supposedly designed to
leave them stripped of power. They will steal solve these problems -- and still they remain
it back in time, but will hesitate of future unsolved.
attacks. But I don't suggest you try this ex- These facts show there is something wrong.
cept as a last resort. It can be rough. Their investigation reveals another dark plot
When mingling with others, tone can be to keep the masses in ignorance. There is no
dragged down little by little until at the desire on the part of the "Powers That Be" to
day's end you drag home the carcass. Proper solve this mystery, for that would expose the
postulates, shields, and discretion can mini- biggest frauds man ever invented, and ruin the
mize this angle. Just learn to ignore fear- greatest money -making schemes known. These
loaded propaganda, and keep in mind the way rackets, the sweetest on earth, are safe only
you like the world to be NOW, and you should in darkness; and they will continue to produce
find life quite pleasant around you, even tho enormous profits annually for their sponsors
the world may blow up like a rotten apple for as long as the nature of Life and the constithe next guy. Avoid helping a person; this tution of Man can be kept concealed.
involves you in their universe, and if theirs We hear much over radio and T-V about betis going to blow up, they are trying to take ter schools building better communities. That
your universe with them. It is better and more is another trick. The deceived masses know not
ethical to help them help themselves; this that the aim of education is mind control, so
strengthens their ability to control their that after the students leave school, they
world and keep it from collapsing, and avoids shall be incapable, thruout the rest of their
disturbing your world too much. days, to think or act otherwise than as taught
Good processing of any kind in any group in the schools.
under any name helps tremendously. (To be continued in the next issue)