Volume 6, Issue 5, page 13

Ancienf Wisdom Rises from Vaults to Taunt Vandals
Hotema, 160 pp, mimeo, $3.
Health Research, Mokelwmne
Hill, Calif.
',HEN YOUR preacher tells
you that "The Holy Bible"
from which he quotes and
misquotes so learnedly is
"The Word of God", what
he isn't telling you (if
he knows) is that there have
been more than 1,800 Bibles,
all different, and all purporting to be "The Word of
God" during the centuries of
man's enslavement to implanted
ignorance. Who plotted Man's
fall , and what they expected
to gain by it, are graphically
told in "The Land of Light",
by Prof. Hilton Hotema.

If, during, the reading of
this mimeographed expose, you
get the idea the author is a
bit angry now and then (or at
least 99 44/100 percent of the
time), maybe you'll match his
"tone" after you discover that
a few power-hungry men, centuries ago, made certain there
would be little cream on the
crock of knowledge during the
present Aquarian age, which we
entered in the year 1881.

But there have been o ther
Aquarian ages, Hotema points
out -- each 25,950 years apart,
as the globe moves thru its
Polar Days of 2,592,000 Years
each. These cycles, he says,
all were known to the Ancient
Masters who built the Sphinx
and the Great Pyramid, during
another Aquarian age, approximately 52,000 years ago . And,
in the knowingness that there
would be an effort to destroy
basic knowledge, all the data
was incorporated in the building of the pyramid