Volume 6, Issue 5, page 18

Frederic, who is a graduate actionary, destructive, or
psychologist, would write fault-finding'.
omitting the barbs... "I would ask Mr. McCormick
"Because I said God is not if he really wishes the beneOmniscient, Wayne Trubshaw in- fit of all things -- such as
terprets this to mean that cancer cells, plagues of mos'God is ignorant, and opposes quitos, the freedom of thieves
knowledge'. You, Mr. Trubshaw, so they can prosper on the
are not omniscient, but cer- gains of thievery? No, I cantainly not ignorant, not sanction the benefit of
"Frances Woodard also could all. I can and do support the
have found her answers in our things which seem worthy of
article and saved herself the support to such intelligence
trouble of feeling sorry for as I have been given or ac'a grown man taking it so ser- quired. And I will strike down
iously for so long'. I recom- everything which is opposed to
mend Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4. the things I do support with
"I do not know what Heaven all the vigor I can command...
World contacts the above men- "It is of these limits of
tioned three have, but I would morality that I wish to write.
like to stage a test. To dis- To do a great good, it is someprove my account of God and times necessary to do a small
the H. W., it is essential to harm. In so doing one should
have H.W. communication ; the- leave a margin, to see anorizing is of no value. I re- other's viewpoint and respect
spectfully ask these challeng- it, and to leave him an honorers of the verity of my pre- able retreat from an indefensentation to have their H. W. sible position. Method becomes
communicants meet my H.W. com- important here. Faulty methods
municants -- the results to be lead to faulty ends. Now, to
published openly in the pages return to the True Mind of Inof ABERREE. If their truth telligence referred to above,
proves me wrong. I will worship we must ask some questions
at their altar. concerning it. What is meant
"It appeared that Dr. E. by True? There exist powers of
Lunt sort of asked his ques- truth and powers of ignorance.
tion over his shoulder. Per- Every ignorance contains a
haps a test could be arranged truth, and every truth conwith Pak Subuh under the same tains an ignorance. One of the
conditions as mentioned above, most powerful minds of our
then the relative merits of times -- Sri Aurobindo -- has anSubud and E-Therapy could be alyzed this problem in 'The
reported. Life Divine'. I will not deal
"Thank you John Dobbs for further with this point.
your fine letter ; if you have "Mr. McCormick continues
someone with a fair degree of that it doesn't matter as to
psychic sensitivity , I would the method of illumination
like to try a n experiment. used but the subject matter
Perhaps we c o u l d establish illuminated. Has Mr. McCormick
communication, Milwaukee to ever used a microscope? The
Burnaby, B.C., thru H. W. com- quality of light, the color,
municants." -- Jacob and Rose the kind of lens, the power,
Apsel, Milwaukee, Wis. and the mounting of the speciago, when I will see. determine More, ch nging aony
"Several years
got my first issue of ABERREE, one of these will bring new
I thought that it was the details to view. The subject
craziest thing I had ever read. matter is not a thing in itI had to force myself to read self. It is a blend of someit from cover to cover. Why I thing 'out there' plus the obdid at all I'll never know, serving mind plus the method
"With each succeeding is- used in observing plus the insue, the strange jargon of terpretation that the observer
theta, pre-clears, etc., began gives to what he sees. In fact,
to make sense. Now it is a one should put plus, minus,
must with me. I wouldn't do times, or divided by in place
without my monthly sojourn of each of the pluses in that
with ABERREE." -- Dr. N.D. Bell, sentence.

Spruce Pine, A. Car. "In my original letter re4