Volume 6, Issue 5, page 3

You, Too,
Crucify Je!
THAT'S your "barbarity quotient" ?
How fiendishly can you stick pins
into an insect or worm to watch
it writhe in torment? Would you
enjoy bathing a cat in turpentine?
or putting a dog's tail thru a
hole and tying a knot in it? Or
maybe you have a sneaky little
envy for those religious ancestors who incited a mob into torturing and crucifying a "Teacher" who
dared to disagree with them?
If so, you can do it again, right now,
in the privacy of your home, with no more
danger than the Roman sadists faced nearly 2,000 years ago. You even can, if your
imagination is unleashed, personally put
the crown of thorns on the head of Jesus,
and nail His body to the cross with four
great spikes -- one thru each hand and foot.
Maybe you can hear the moans and the
weeping, see the blood drip from the flesh
and cover the heads of the nails, or hear
the thunder -- and see the pained lipsmove ,
even if you can't hear the mumbled words,
"Father forgive than, for they know not
what they do".

It's a new gadget -- a plastic toy probably obtainable for a few dimes at your
favorite toy shop -- next to the counter on
which is displayed the toy auto that
flies to pieces when you simulate a crash .
Or maybe you can get it from your neighborhood religious book store, or from any
dealer who, in a few months, will need
the space these gadgets take up for his
display of Christmas cards and gifts.

Few will question (at least in the socalled "Christian" nations of the world)
that once upon a time, one of the great
"Masters" of the age was born. But with
this admission, all agreement comes to an
end. And it is no wonder. The only known
"record" of this event is that given us
by an "organization" whose own history is
marked with lies, deceit, persecution,
and murder. Even the lives of such relatively unimportant persons as Plato, Socrates, and dozens of others are preserved
in mundane histories -- yet the existence
of the Man hailed by the churches as
"Jesus, the Christ" is never mentioned
outside the Christian Bible.

Why should historians consider it important that a philosopher be forced to
drink his own death with a cup of hemlock, yet completely ignore the crucifixion of a Teacher who had so stirred the
populace of His day that the priests demended, and got, his execution. Especial
ly, since their victim's background was
so colorful that it allegedly included a
birth that bypassed biological processes,
and whose predicted future so worried the
ruling king, Herod, that he ordered all
children under the age of two slaughtered
to insure his own safe reign. Truly, if
the story of "Jesus" i s true, it is as
history-worthy as the death of C 1 e opatra
thru the sting of an asp.

While the Bible compilers were telling
at great length of Jesus' birth, they neglected one important detail -- a date, or
even an indication of what time of year.
Certainly, it wasn't on December 25 , because shepherds then were no more likely
to be tending their sheep in pastures in
the dead of winter than you would now, if
you were a sheepherder. But, somehow, an
arbitrary date of December 25 was decreed
by the church, and for centuries, the day
was observed with religious significance.
Today, the "Prince of Peace" plays second
fiddle to Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer,
Santa Claus, the exchange of gifts, and
an orgy of holiday drinking -- not to mention the nightmare of Christmas cards and
those you forgot and who forgot you.

And now that Christmas has been commercialized into insignificance, we turn
our attention to Easter. While you watch
the latest shoot-'em-up Western on television, you can demonstrate to Junior and
"Baby" your skill at duplicating those
effigies of the crucified Jesus they see
on the walls of their church.
"Look, Jesus didn't rise. He's dead --
deader' n a doornail. Look at His head
lolling on His shoulder. We got a nice
fit on that.. And those spikes -- fit them
accurately thru the holes in his hands
and feet, and fasten than securely with
this plastic cement so He won't fall off
when you pick it up . If you're careful,
you can take it to church Sunday and show
the minister what a wonderful job we
did. Hey, hurry up and switch over to
Channel Four ; there's a new Western that
I understand is really a hum-dinger. You
kids'll like this -- lots of shooting."