Volume 2, Issue 6, page 12

12 The aM, October 1955
q, is a coolie's queue, is akin to the the rivers of life, They are closer to
many primitive masks with hanging down God and zero. They are untouchable, not
tongues. This is the overflowing head of on account of being of lower caste, but
point of nausea, the desireless state, of a higher. They have not yet reached
wherein there is a "surfeit of the husks the nadir of materiality, 5-6. "A man
c, the earth". cannot look upon the face of God and livei"
A Gymnasium is a place to learn the Immortality is immateriality. Acgame of nausea, where men are trained to quired immateriality versus natural immareverse their poles, i.e. sublimate and teriality.
regurgitate their downflow. In the game The problem is not how to,moakaup
of tennis, love is nothing, and the power things into manifestation. Even the Sorof love is the power of zero, Tike hal- carer's Apprentice did that. But it takes
iram, when we reach absolute zero, all we the master magician himself to stop macan do is levitate. teriality from overflowing the apex and
The sum of everything is zero. All engulfing us.
desires equal no desires. Summation is "Be not deceived, God is not mocked."
culmination. "Nothing at all" is all at -- Paul. We cannot mock up a zero, but we
nothing, can be one. It can be praised, up-raised,
Dogs, like Gods, with tongues_ wigs- and appraised,
ing down, eat their own vomit. Mythical Francis Baeon -- "If a man begins with
gods were known to eat their own children. certainties, he shall end in doubts, but
Children who stick out their tongues are if he be content to begin in doubts, he
emulating the gods they are so near, shall end with certainties. The first