Volume 6, Issue 5, page 4

When That Planchette Does, or Doesn't, Move for You, Does It Prove
Degree of Your Body's El ectro-magnetic Force? Experimenter ,Asks
ioip1e Telekillesis at our Fifigerfips


Executive Secretary, Florida Society for Psychical Research
EL.EKINESIS, when practiced
ignorantly or with a goal
of confusing or entertaining, is one of the most
"mysterious phenomena"
about which we know so
little. And yet, telekinesis is possible with
every one of us, in varying degrees, just as long
as the body is alive.

That the living body contains
an electro-magnetic force, I am'
convinced -- a conviction borne
out by numerous experiments.
This potential force attracts
and repels -- and can be measured
with a finely- tuned galvanometer. Incidentally, electro-magnetism is
quite likely the explanation of the "mysterious" handprints, about which Harold
Kinney wrote in a recent (January-February, 1959) issue of The ABERREE -- and for
which he gave try-it-yourself directions.

As a high school teacher of psychology
and biology, I undertook studies to discover the workings of this force, and
established a home laboratory in which to
conduct my experiments. Following directions in an old English book on Psychics,
I constructed a Psychic Force Meter. This
instrument would indicate and record, on
a written graph, the vital force, if any,
of persons tested. Since the force both
attracted and repulsed, it must have been

The instrument I used was a 12-inch
hoop, covered with vellum, on which a
metal arm, containing a small azurite,
rested. To the other end was fastened a
stylus, which would write on paper wound
on a rotating drum. By holding one's
hands about an inch above the vellum , an
average person got a very slow vibration,
with interruptions, but a person who possessed a large amount of this force caused
the vellum to vibrate rapidly without interruption. I once had the pleasure of
testing a non-professional medium, and
the vellum almost jumped from the hoop ;
the vibration was so intense that even if
the hands were held 12 inches above the
vellum, it still continued to record a

During 1948 , I made a trip to my native Brussels, and there for the first
time met a young man with whom I had been
corresponding on the subject of psychics.

He told me he knew about the
psychic meter, and its use. He
showed me his laboratory, where
he was experimenting with scotographs and human magnetism. He
inserted a darning needle's eye
into a large cork, and on the
point of the needle, balanced a
sliver of ordinary letterhead
bond paper. The paper was perhaps an inch or two long, and an
eighth of an inch wide -- but he
was careful to predetermine the
exact center of the paper before
placing it on the point of the
needle. Holding his right hand
about an inch above the paper,
he was able to control the rotation of the paper by the direction in
which he moved his hand -- either left or
right. The room was draft-free, and he
kept his movements slow so as to produce
no air currents. In addition, he held his
face away from the experiment so that his
breath would have no influence upon the
movement of the paper .

A similar experiment with balsa wood
produced like results. The sliver of
wood, about the sane size as the paper
he'd been using, and centered exactly on
the point of the needle, would be attracted by his fingertips, which he held close
to the wood. I tried several times,
and the wood moved, altho slowly. However, this was late in the afternoon, and
I later learned just how much the time
of day can affect such experiments.

Reading some time ago in a metaphysical journal of similar experiments , I decided to use a sliver of aluminum foil
(one inch by one-fourth inch) instead of
paper or wood. The foil always followed
the rotating movements of my hand, if I
were using my right (not the left). During repeated tests over a month, I discovered also that the foil would rotate
much faster in the morning than in the
afternoon, and in the evening, it would
hardly move. From this, I drew the conclusion that a person possesses more magnetic force when arising, which slowly
dissipates during the day, with little or
none to be had during the evening.

Pith also works excellently, - I discovered