Volume 6, Issue 5, page 15

hans. The following is the is Gabriel Green, organizer of
method and route, in case you AFSCA and editor of THY KINGwish to use it: DOM COME, the official maga"The flow of white light zine.of the organization. The
comes from the High Self which 'axe' he is grinding pertains
exists approximately 12 feet to a coming Utopia and peace
above the head; it comes down for the world...Shades of Techlike a ribbon effect in a flow nocracy and the millenium. All
about 1 foot wide and maybe 5 things to all people...
inches thick. It goes down on "Another item not to be
the outside of the body, sep- Passed up was a 15-year-old
arating into two flows at the who contacted the power of the
top of head or somewhat high- space people spiritually and
er, goes down along the head, says that the physical conshoulders, arms, sides of legs tactees were holding things
and enters the body at the back or should have known about
arch of the foot. This is two his personal teacher who conflows entering, one at each tacted him. This lad 'is going
foot, up thru the legs to the to lead the children of the
sex area, or what is really world and if the adults don't
the lower center, where it is watch out, they will be left
united again; goes to solar behind when the world is deplexus, spleen, liver, heart, stroyed while the children and
and lungs, throat, 'occiput, the adult believers will be
Third Eye, pituitary, and pin- taken off to another planet.
eal, and up Again, as a solid "There was a sprinkling of
stream to the High Self. This young people there but the mais Subud." -- Thela Fewcomer, jority of them were middleHilliamsport, P enn. aged and old people. They
4 4 4 looked the same as the folk I
"The July Christmas issue have seen in various metaphysarrived; studied. I'm with you ical , occult, and spiritualin the moral of this issue. I, istic groups. It seems to me
too believe in not limiting that these people cannot find
one's immortality to one way, what they are looking for in
one season, and this is one the churches and , even tho
reason I can be, so ardently, there were frequent references
an ABERREE fan , to God, Christ, and so forth,
"Could you please tell me they look toward the Space
when i may expect to resurrect, People as Saints and Angels
for Easter, via The ABERREE who will save them when the
issue?" -- Randolph Ray, Yew Or- globe is destroyed. The con1 eons, La. tactees are, of course , the
(ED. NOTE -- How about this go-betweens, as are the mediissue for your "resurrection "?1 urns of Spiritualism, and the
4 4 4 chap whose voice is on the
"It occurred to me that
some of the people who inquired
(after publication of an article last month on peyote) may
want to use peyote with which
to treat their psychosomatic
illnesses. Psychosomatic illnesses are by far the most
common aberrations. Peyote is
no damn good for psychosomatic
illnesses! I plainly said in
the article that peyote increases all perceptions. Physical pain and discomfort are
perceptions. Peyote increases
physical pain and discomfort.
If a person with a psychosomatic disorder which is chronic
eats peyote, the distress will
probably get much worse. Peyote is not a pain reliever,
it's a stimulant.
`Of the 11 people who ate
peyote May 2, all but one were
in excellent health and had no
chronic aches and pains. One
woman had sinusitis. After two
peyote buttons, her sinusitis
increased to the point that
she had to take four antihistamine tablets to relieve it.
"If anyone has chronic pain
or physical distress, do not ,
I repeat, DO NOT eat peyote to
relieve such a condition. The
only evidence I have is that
the condition will temporarily
become worse. Because of the
great interest in peyote, I
feel I should caution people
against using it for what it
isn't good for." -- Fred Hald,
Houston, Texas.
$ $ $

"I got a Subud `opening'. I
took a look at the way the
power flows thru the body. The
last 15 minutes of the halfhour, I behaved well and allowed it to flow, but wanted
to know how it was done in the
body, the route. I have all
this in detail . I came home
and made a tape, which I expect to use rather than making
any attempt to sit in on latiSEPTEMBER, 1959
"Had several days at home,
and in spite of the heat took
in the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Club convention in Los Angeles. About a third of the
'meetings' were about flying
saucers. The rest of them pertained to Spiritualism, offshoot religious organizations,
occultism, and groups who
tended to use the contactees
as sort of priests for the
saucer people. Even met a young
couple who claimed they were
from Venus. Ho hum.
funny how the trend has
changed in the spiritualistic
field. Their `guides' used to
be Indian Chiefs and Princesses, famous individuals of past
generations, and so forth. Now
it is Monka from Mars, La Lur
ditto , Rhanee from Venus or
the planet Clarion (the one
that's behind the moon), or
something like that. Mark Probert stuck to his Yashita, the
'entity' that claims to be a
half-million years old.
"All the organizations peddling books, pamphlets, and
memberships... However, I believe the chap to look out for

tapes of the Faithists as the
go-between of the Space people.
"Quite a hodgepodge, Had a
heck of a time trying to get
in as much as I could, since
there would be four to five
programs going at one time.
Very interesting, tho. It was
the first of these programs I
ever got to...
"Frankly, I still don't
know what to make of the situation , so will reserve judgment and keep tabs by collecting the literature on the subject . There have been too many
reports from pilots, radio operators, and others in regard
to sightings, to come out and
say flatly: 'There ain't no
sich animule'. Of the contactees -- well, I just don't know!'