Volume 6, Issue 5, page 8

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ed Hands in the Desert
WO DEAR friends started something in the
Giant Cactus Forest. They asked me to talk
to a small group about "The Little People".

The first talk was held at the home of
Marion Gipe, near Florence, Ariz. One of
the audience there, proprietor then of
Rancho Soledad, asked that the next meeting be
held at her place. And after that, one or two
more, one of which became a talk on healing,
wherein the spirit of healing was invoked with
such effect that people sat afterwards as if

I did the talking, but I certainly did not
produce the effect. That came from the building up of the "call" to the Christ Spirit in
everyone present to manifest to the fullest
extent, so that none in the room at Rancho
Soledad could not feel The Presence. It was a
way of reaching everybody at hand -- and hundreds at a distance -- with the "red hands .% for
inside me I used the hands on everyone who
needed them. One woman had written just that
day from Los Angeles, asking for help. She did
not know about the meeting or the healing talk.
She could not have known, for I did not myself
know until the talk began. But a few days later, when Dr. Bosserman., the inventor of NStress, who was present at Rancho Soledad, returned to Los Angeles, the woman telephoned
him :
"The strangest thing happened to me on Friday night," she began. Unquestionably she had
felt the pouring forth of the Spirit as directed, and felt better than she had for many
years. That the outpouring of Spirit extended
across the miles I know very well, for there
have been many reports of it since from other
places, including France.

For several weeks the healing services were
held, and felt, in the Giant Cactus Forest, in
the "clinic " built by Erwin A. Peters. Then, I
returned East, not knowing how or if my work
with the red hands would continue. I always
had known I could not afford to give the time
and energy required, for what I was doing was
done without monetary consideration. Several
times, someone, I never knew who, set out
bowls for donation, but none was used after I
once discovered, and removed the bowl.

Back in Paradise, it became evident that a
pattern had been set. George Nickerson, husband of Zoe, about whom I wrote in "We Have
Examined the Body", asked me, when I first returned from the desert, to address the Parastudy Group, in the Y.W. C. A., Newark, Del.
George suggested I use "Healer in the Desert"
as the title for my talk, since this also is
the title of my series running in ORION Magazine. I also introduced N-Stress, because the
story of this device fitted in so well. I
asked if anyone would like to try it -- and two
hours later, I had used it on practically
everyone present.

My first of what may be monthly healing
sessions was held in the Washington Square
Methodist Church, Hagerstown, Md. I was billed
to talk on "Healing in the Desert'', because
someone thought "Healer in the Desert" didn't
sound right. Since I was speaking on healing,
I went all the way, asking anyone to come forward who wished to be touched by the hands. At
first, there didn't seem to be anyone, but
when they started, I finished in the parsonage
almost 12 hours later.

It was as "Healer from the Desert" that I
spoke in the small Spiritualist Church headed
by Rev. Bertha Ford, in Wilmington, Del., and
since that first talk there, I have visited
with her people, both as a healer and as a
"doer of readings '% every week. It also was as
"Healer from the Desert" that I was booked into Truth Forum, in Carnegie Hall, New York. I
was to be introduced on a Sunday evening, and
the introduction became a healing service.
Next day, three services were used, and the
red hands used as far as legal under the laws
of New York. Persons said both the hands and
talks were very effective. Certainly, I was
able to reach many more than I possibly could
have with contact treatments. In between these assignments, of course I
am on call to speak for Parastudy in Newark.
In fact, something a little different from the
foundation I had in mind some years ago, and
which never materialized, is about to be established in Delaware. Mrs. Nickerson "read "
for it, briefly, in samadhi recently. Just
long enough to give it a title: The NickersonBurks Research Foundation. It is being incorporated with the first money in. Sponsorsdonors, at $25 yearly, help get the foundation
going. It is hoped it will be fully activated
by January 1, 1960, and Zoe will be able to
work under the foundation and devote all her
time to her readings, now prevented by her
six-days-a-week job. She took a week off recently with the idea of doing ten readings,
just to make sure she could do it without too
much strain. We had estimated she might be
required to do that many. During the first
three days of her stolen week, she did eight
readings, very happily, so knows she can.

I've long wanted a research foundation myself. Money was in and papers drawn for it in
Pennsylvania. Report was that it was in the
hands of "the judges '% Years passed and nothing happened. Attempts were made in Arizona,
and legal lights promised action which always
faltered somewhere along the line, so that
"Red Hands" operated -- refusing nobody, even
strangers who might turn out to be "the bur"