Volume 6, Issue 5, page 12

ABERREE readers
who've been
in either
or Synergetics will
probably be
as shocked
as we were
to learn of
the death
on June 27
cell, Wichita, Kas.,
builder and
d eveloper,
at Rochester, Minn.,
of cancer.
Burial was
at Wichita.
Don was an
ardent devotee of any
system or "ology" that offered
a helping hand to struggling
mankind, and it was in this
role that he gave so much of
his time, energy, and money to
advance the cause of Dianetics
and, l ater , Synergetics. We
feel certain that wherever Don
now may be, he still will be
investigating -- and trying to
help some less fortunate fellow being advance along whatever path they chance to be
traveling together.
1 Even Totologists have to
"get away from it all" occasionally, as Hardin and Joanna
Walsh, of Los Angeles, demonstrated when they went to a
health ranch at Tecate, Mexico ,
for a two-week vacation from
training and processing. "Most
fabulous of all assists;" Hardin wrote; "No smog air", Joanna post-scripted.

And speaking of smog, and
California weather, Jdella
Stonq writes of her suffering
in 1040 heat upon her return
to Sierra Madre after 3 weeks
of "intoxicating beauty" at
Salt Lake City, where she attended a writers' conference
at the University of Utah. She
admits she attended the conference on a scholarship, but
modestly refrained from giving
any details. And of course
there must have been details;
you don't win scholarships for
putting up with heat... By the
way, did anyone ever hear of
any scholarships ever being
awarded for good auditing?...
¶ Flowers always have been
the special delight of poets,
nature lovers, starry-eyed
swains and swoons, and your
neighbors' dogs. Now, thanks
to the psychic insight of a
couple Scots -- Elizabeth Bellhouse and Alick McInnes = Ile
essence has been taken from
more than 40 varieties of
flowers ( without injuring the
blooms 1, bottled, and is being
used to undo the ravages of
man in all fields -- plant-life,
animal life, and even in the
life of man, himself. The concoction has been named "Exultation of Flowers", and under
this label, seems to be performing miracles, if testimonial letters are any criterion.
In the United States, it is
being offered mostly for its
agricultural uses, but in other countries, especially England, it also is being used as
a healing aid. However, other
nations are more interested in
healthy citizens than they are
in a wealthy medical union --
but if it works miracles in
the garden, probably Americans
can stealthily use a drop or
two on themselves -- if they are
careful not to let the A.M.A.
and postal authorities know of
their despicable aims -- mainly ,
to get well in spite of doctors and drug dealers. Several
bottles of EfF were sent us by
American agent, C. M.Vrang, of
Culver City, Calif., and we've
tried them out on a couple
rose bushes, which were beginning to look like summer
was a bit too much for them.
Maybe it was a coincidence
that they recovered quickly,
if you believe in coincidence.
And maybe... But Well see. In
the meantime, Philip Friedman ,
not knowing of Christion g
largess, also got into the act
and had a bottle sent us -- so
who knows what'll happen in
the next few months! ...
4 Ivor Darreg, of Los Angeles, sent us proofs of the
first two pages of his 'Weakly
Newsance', which he's trying
to get out after 2!4 years of
procrastinating. What an ideal
"deadline" for a publisher --
print when you're in the mood!
j carnal and pearl Bennick
of Phoenix are indulging themselves in the hobby of raising
orchids -- which means the addition of a room to keep the
plants out of direct sunlight,
as well as return the guest
room and dining room to their
proper use, Carroll says. At
present, their 20 plants are
being artificially lighted by
fluorescents, which may seem a
bit odd to those who know how
much excess sunlight Arizona
has. However , orchids being
orchids, everything connected
with their culture must be
done the hard way -- which is
why they make such a fascinating hobby for those who can
afford them...
¶ Even tho they're on their
honeymoon, Jacob and Rose Ag,ggl, of Milwaukee, Wis., have
been taking time out to send us
"location" cards as they move
thru the east. "We were spotted immediately as honeymooners," Jacob wrote from Buffalo
on their way to/ from Niagara
¶ Nelda Woodring and Younne
B roll, of Wichita, stopped in
T e ABERREE office one day
last month -- and both looked so
much better than we'd ever
seen them that we asked whether they were trying out a new
type of processing. "No processing, " they said -- which is
probably the reason why they
look so much better... Ouch!..
¶ Gifts to the Lending Library during the last month
include books from Harold F.
Kinney, of Inglewooa-,—Mif ,
and Frank Novak , Benld, Ill .
And here we might remind those
who seek to buy titles from
the Library that these books
are not for sale. They were
given to the Library for the
purpose for which they are being used -- circulated cheaply
among those who wish to look
into other beliefs and ideas.
To sell them would defeat this
purpose, placing them out of
general reach, since some of
the books are. rare, or even
out of print.
1 Lucipuss, our wise office
cat, doesn't say much , but
when she does express herself,
it's pretty potent. For example: Just as we were preparing
to get her picture for The ABERREE ( see covert, she broke
into a grin (on another type
of animal, it might be called
a"horse laugh" 1. "Why'd you
ruin the picture ?" we asked.
"Sorry," she meowed ,"but one
of your therapist friends is
coming this afternoon" (she's
allergic to all visitors, and
takes off when any strange car
enters the driveway 1. "What's
that got to do with it?" we
demanded. "I was overcome at
the idea of putting a space after the first three letters of
the word 'Therapist', which I
notice you misuse so often in