Volume 6, Issue 5, page 2

SEPTENBER, 1959 * * Vol. VI, No. 5
WHEN YOU BUY The two loHELP, WILL IT comotives stood
DERAIL TRAIN? puffing side by
side at t h e
station -- bright and gleaming
in their newness. Ahead of
than stretched twin ribbons of
steel , leading over the horizon into the west.

The engineers swung aboard,
Bill on "99 " and John on "88" ,
eased the throttles forward,
and with a hissing of steam
and grinding of wheels, the
twin trains moved forward into
the "unknown ".

At the first siding, after
coupling on cars with freight
and passengers, a stranger approached the engineers as they
prepared to climb back into
their cabs. "Do you know where
you're going?" the stranger
asked , his voice low and ominous .
"No;" said the engineers in
chorus. "Where are we going?"
"Terrible things await you
at your destination ," said the
stranger. "I have a book here
that tells all about it." And
in a weird cacophony, he spoke
of the terrors beyond the horizon