Volume 6, Issue 5, page 9

But, like a house, these shields need windows to see out of, doors to go thru or loci,
to insure privacy, com-lines like telephones,
radios, etc., to keep in contact with outer
developments, pipelines for supplies to nourish
or refresh you. Equip your self with self-controlled circuits to maintain beat and cooling,
and any other items you may wish to make your
retreat comfortable. Once you have accomplished this, you have it made. However, a word of
caution: This stable mental and physical condition you have set up behind these barriers
can be thrown out of kilter if you permit
friends or strangers to enter. Friends, because
of petty jealousies, flick switches out of
turn; strangers do things to wreck your stability. The point is, you will learn in time
to check and maintain your retreat, and learn
to know whom you can safely invite in.

Altho it is clear how to deal with physical
guests in your home, it may not be as clear on
the mental aspect. For this you need learn tc
not sympathize with people you don't like, regardless of how they react. Also, if, after
talking or associating with an individual, you
find a delayed reaction and disturbed mentality, back-track mentally on the period for
button-pushing, anchor-pointing, or concepttwisting, regardless of how nice or smooth or
pleasant the meeting. Remember, poison is just
as deadly even tho it may be coated with sugar.

Some may feel that shielding is unnecessary
or undesirable, but unless you wish to maintain a very high level awareness 24 hours a
day, I suggest shielding. The shields, with
proper circuits installed by yourself, witt
the proper postulates and concepts, will hell
you more than restrict you. You will be able
to sleep like a baby, and as safely as the
concept implies. If you do not believe this
and insist on no shields, then do it right.
Run out all periods of unconsciousness until
you can stay awake 24 hours a day, and note
all the different energy changes that take
place in your environment, plus all the various thought impulses you receive. After a few
days, you'll be looking for that blackness you
unmocked so you can sleep; you'll try mocking
up shields to avoid the ever-fluctuating energies that flow around and thru you so that you
can feel comfortable and not snap awake every
time there is a strong change or reversal.
When you are awake and alert, you start compensating for these changes as soon as you begin to feel them. Asleep, you tend to awaken
to turn the right switch. With circuits set on
automatic, you can compensate for many flows
without shields. But, when you sleep without
shields and some entity who hates you plows a
VER SINCE the early days of Dianetics, with
aspirants leaving the auditing couch with
raised tone levels and their return with
dropped levels, there has been the constant search for stabilization of results.
Announcements of stability have been made
as fact or in sight, but by far and large, it
has maintained its elusive qualities.

As Philip Friedman might put it: Stable is
stay-able. To stay able, one must of necessity
be aware of what causes instability -- then, of
course, learn how to deal with it so as to
maintain the desired level of stability. This
calls for an additional bit of knowledge,
data, wisdom, and experience. To fail in this
is to go dead, which is to de-add, which is to
desist-addition, which means stop learning --
becoming MEST (Matter-Energy-Space-Time) static. I am a stable chunk of meat.
lb those with higher goals than "dead ", the
problem of stability is one of stabilizing
motion, emotion, and general tone to the level
one considers acceptable, be it high or low,
aimed up-scale or down-scale. The answer is
simple, but the application is something else

To begin, a person seeking a better life
needs first some competent auditing assistance
to remove control circuits and implants which
others have plastered on him to minimize his
individual abilities to be self-determined and
constructive. It should be kept in mind that
not all implants are contra-survival or contra-self-deterministic. Morality is an implant, and is pro-survival. However, there are
many implants with the label "morality " attached which are plain control circuits to
make you a conforming sheep.

After learning thru auditing or other methods on how to think for yourself, analyze
thoroly the various data as encompassed by the
Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments, and other
basic fundamental concepts out of which laws
and the structure of social and civilized behavior have evolved. It soon will become quite
clear that there is a lot more abuse than use bolt of energy thru
of these fundamentals in such a double-dealing your circuits, you snap
fashion that you may get pretty well disgusted. out of bed half running, not knowing what hit
In a universe composed of MEST-theta mo- you. Ever awaken in the middle of the night,
tion, there is a constant turbulence on any not knowing why, and be unable to get back to
level you may reach between the extremes of sleep? Now you know why. Happens often.
theta-static and MEST-static. The former is a Who would do such a thing? This is the crux
state of totality, the latter a state of body of the stability problem. You can figure it
death. To be stable , it is necessary to be out simply by discovering who hates you, and
able to isolate yourself at will from the mo- why