Volume 6, Issue 5, page 17

spect to the word Christianity. Most of your readers know
that Christianity is as old as
the hills and that the White
Cross is Christ. But unthinkingly they use this. word in
respect to the churches which
are anything but Christian.
Here may I suggest to them
again that they give proper
meaning and use the name Constantine Church ; the protestants are but aping the Catholics and the textbook is
still the same old fabrication
from the same old place . Ni cea .
The fact is that what we call
the Christian church is but
the Nicean Church of Constantine.
"Are these things important? I believe they are for
the reason that no man liveth
for himself; he casts some influence on someone else, and
the use of understandable
terms is important in education, and the readers and writers of The ABERREE are trying
to educate each other. All are
reaching for truth , but how
shall this be done if we ape
the non-Christian church as do
the protestants who protest
against nothing ape the State
Church of Rome? This is not a
matter of being against any
m an's religion, but rather
against corruptions of religions...
"The Constantine Church inclusive is plain unadulterated
farce and religious romance.
Rises and falls like the stock
market. The low state of anything spiritual is seen in a
recent suggestion that the
time has come for unity. But
to save what, we ask? This
writer does not say leave the
church and have nothing to do
with it, for I feel that in
the churches there are means
for an uplift, but unfortunately this does not come via
the pulpit. But rather from
the music and song. Herein
lies the value of church attendance in respect to man's
soul unfoldment -- for if we
know anything at all, we realize that the vowel sounds
and notes are very important
to us...
"The churches have t h e
truth just as Jacob Apsel has
it. All these are just different, tho perhaps in the kindergarten class. But that is
the place where we all started
once upon a time...
"So, Mr. Editor, tho my
previous letter may have carried some wrong ideas,. I trust
this will give a clearer picture of myself , as well as to
making a few suggestions to
others in their writings to
use proper definitions rather

than taking them from the
power-pressured dictionaries,
or using what has been handed
down, forming the subconscious
pattern of expression. Mr.
Kristy and Mr. Trubshaw seem
to fall into error here, tho I
think they know better. Also,
I believe Mr. Kristy has the
wrong Sacred Tam t. Do a little
more searching, Mr. Kristy,
for to my mind, Professor Hotema shows up many faults, tho
as a whole his works are good.
And recommended." -- Dr. John
Dobbs, S. Burnaby, B. C. .
"Your article on Peyote by
Fred Hand... says peyote is eminently legal. Since when? A
good many years ago I went
thru the Big Bend country of
Texas, but all I could buy was
the dried peyote buttons -- no
fresh or green. I know the Indians were having a hard time
getting them.
"Only last year I saw in
the Los Angeles EXAMINER where
a man had some peyote sent to
him thru the mails; when he
received them, the narcotics
officer was there too and gave
him a heavy fine. California
is a lot stricter than other
"I never tried fresh buttons but I did try the dried
buttons; they do not work. All
they do is give you a queer
hangover. " -- G. Henglein, Los
Angeles, Calif.